Sunday, May 13, 2012

Bachelorette Emily Begins Tomorrow!

Bachelorette Emily Begins!

Well, things didn't work out for Emily and Brad Womack, so now it's her turn to be the Bachelorette! The show begins tomorrow and I'll be blogging away as usual--and should manage to finish out this season :-)

So join me this week for the usual snark and laughs at our favorite bach/ette show!

And check out my fun Bach/ette merchandise at Cafe Press! Warner Bros has allowed shop owners to create products, so I took the opportunity to create some fun items with our favorite slogans from the show. Here's a few samples. Shop here at Cafe Press to order!


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bachelor fan blog said...

I'm so excited for this season! I definitely liked Ryan and the guy who got the first impression rose (forgot his name).