Monday, January 2, 2012

Bachelor Ben: Let The Games Begin!

Tonight's the night! The bitchfest we have come to know as The Bachelor is back! And little Benny Boo is ready to fall in love ;-)

Here's an old Top Ten list of mine to revisit in the meantime. Recap & Highlights up tomorrow.

You Know You're A Bachelor/ette Fan When...

10. When your man gives you a red rose, he must first ask you, "Will you accept this rose?"

9. You describe everything in terms of how AMAZING it is!

8. You refer to your dates as "Special Quality Time."

7. You expect to be asked out with a spiffy date box!

6. You know every inch of every screencap released in the history of the Bachelor/ette like the back of your hand!

5. You feel you must impress your date with special tricks like duck calling, howling, arm wrestling, and reciting poetry!

4. You get your daily news from FORT, Jokers, and Reality Steve!

3. Every time he sings your praises and then says "BUT" you panic!

2. You expect dates to revolve around limos, plane rides, fancy dinners, and trips to the Bahamas.

1. You name your kids Fleiss, Chris, Harrison, and Firestone.


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