Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Bachelor Pad Episode 5 - Bachelor Pad is a Mansion, NOT a Trailer Park!!!!

Things We've Learned From Bachelor Pad - Episode 5

Acting kind of bitchy is more of a female trait, no? (GRAHAM)

Smelling your finger is not an attractive quality. (KASEY)

Knowing someone a long time doesn't mean you know jack about them. (KASEY & VIENNA)

A prearranged code for winning a challenge does the trick in a pinch! (GRAHAM & MICHELLE)

Red hot pants and yellow heels? Don't try this at home girls! You too Ames! (MICHELLE)

When you brag about your IQ being 177 and you fail miserably in a quiz, people might think you like to make up crap! (KASEY)

When your partner would like to sleep with someone else, she's probably not that into you! (MICHAEL)

When your name rhymes with snake, you might just be a fake! (BLAKE)

It's sad when no one likes you. Whaa! (BLAKE)

Simmering sexual tension can explode. (ELLA)

"No means No." (VIENNA)

Bachelor Pad is a mansion, not a trailer park! (ERICA)

Being blinded by love can lead to poor game play. (MICHAEL)

Watching a movie in a hot tub is amazing! (GRAHAM)

Nothing says horny like a set of pink lingerie. Or something like that... (ERICA)

When you're stuck with what you've got, make the best of it! (BLAKE)

When you get three sheets to the wind, you do things you regret. (KIRKY)

When in a mission, explore with candles! (BLAKE & ERICA)

An astrologer named Herb is kind of like an Herbalist named Astro... (ERICA)

A romantic connection can strengthen your partnership. Or not... (ERICA & BLAKE)

Sometimes too much bonding is not in your best interest... (BLAKE)

When he's a man and she's persistent, what do you expect? (HOLLY)

Sometimes you should follow your intuition. (ERICA)

If you're having trouble seducing a man, he's probably not that into you! (ERICA)

Getting a rose is OK, but getting a freakin' rose is exciting! (KASEY)

Kissing another guy in front of your ex who is still in love with you is in poor taste! (HOLLY)

Don't violate Man Code! (BLAKE)

It's not about who deserves the money it's about who has earned the right to the money. (MICHELLE)

When she doesn't have your back, why should you have hers? (MICHAEL)


1. When Kasey and Vienna failed miserably at the NEARLY-wed game and she ripped him for his supposed 177 IQ. Ha. Ha.

2. Michael saying he wanted to punch Blake in his perfect little dentist teeth. Tee hee!

3. Seeing a movie in a hot tub--fun!

4. Exploring the mission by candlelight was spooky.

5. Blake's exit. Wouldn't it have been funny if Melissa had been waiting in his exit limo! Bwahahahaha!


1. Vienna's constant whining.

2. Kasey and Vienna's fight over sex. Grow up!

3. Blake's perfect little dentist teeth/smirk looks.

4. Erica's petty pouty attitude when Blake wouldn't let her seduce him.

5. Vienna's rose victory rap. Uggh!


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