Monday, August 1, 2011

The Men Tell All Or NOTHING At All...

And once again it's the Men Tall All...OR Nothing at All! They didn't give us a clue about what happens tomorrow, but we've all kind been spoiled to the ending anyhow ;) We'll see...

25 seemingly normal guys, a gorgeous Bachelorette, and everybody tends to lose their mind!

Back joining us were only 16 of the 25!

Gym Rat Nick, Mickey Dog, Go West, Who? Chris D., Oilman Lucas, Teetotaler Tim, The Mask Jeff, Hair Man Stephen, Scrapbooker Ryan M., Momma's Boy Matt, Dentist Blake, WillIAm, Cheerio Ames, Greek Constantine, E-Harmony Ben C., and Captain Sunshine Ryan P.


1. The Mask was quite the domestic!

2. Bent-ley? She never saw that side to him. Negativity hurts her.

3. J.P. broke the entertainment center on their first date. And didn't know how to use the remotes either...

4. Ashley loves to coat...her face..with Vaseline before bed!

5. Ames had a crush on Ashley before he even came on the show!

6. Ben C. vs. WillIAm. 2pm after school at the flagpole. Be there!

7. The guys rip on WillIAm for growing his hair out and spiking it. Cause that's so not cool! Or something like that...

8. Ryan's like a camp counselor! On Fire Island maybe!?

9. Teetotaller Tim gets freaked when he sees masks since he was egged as a kid at Halloween. Okay...

10. WillIAm has to plug up his ears when watching himself Roast Ashley to a crisp!

11. NICK: "Why are we here?"

WILLIAM: "Cause none of us can find a girl to date. Cause we're all siiingle..."

12. Who appointed Nick everyone's judge and jury!? He's like this year's Jackie. Just a heck of a lot cuter! :0)

13. CAPTAIN SUNSHINE: "Who wouldn't tune out, I'm talking about water heaters for God's sakes!"

14. Rest Assured Everyone! BEFORE Captain Sunshine entered the Bachelorette Nation, he read 3 books! Questions to ask before you get engaged. Questions to ask before you get married. Book of Fabulous Questions. Yes you heard that right, he's been checking books in Al Gore's library folks! Not a good idea me thinks...

15. He read them cover to cover and made TONS OF NOTES! And kept a Dear Captain Sunshine's Diary Journal. Even Ames isn't all over that one!

16. Ames practically has the women in the audience throwing their panties on stage! Woot Woot!

17. HARRISONCREST: "Ames you can put them on and take one free shot at Ryan." Ha!

18. As to Bent-ley? BLAKE: "He's a narcissist, a coward, and a liar!"

19. MICHELLE: "We want what we can't have!"

20. Hardest part for Ashley? Feeling like a fool.

21. Teetotaller Tim is rooting for his NYC homeboy J.P.!

22. The Bachelor Family is Back! Pep talk time!

23. ALI: "That Rated R guy on my season SUCKED!"

24. Is Harrisoncrest checking his watch during Jason's roller coaster of love pep talk!?

25. The Mask's mask was auctioned off to a very brave woman for $2000.00 to benefit the orphanage!


From bugs, to toads, to conversational flubs, here's some funny things you didn't get to see...


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Captain Barbarossa said...

Great stuff! Glad to see you back up to speed and running.

The Girl In The Red Heels said...

Thanks Cap'n! I enjoy yours as well each week :)