Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Bachelor Pad Episode 3 - Who Doesn't Like Synchronized Swimming?

Things We Learned from Bachelor Pad - Week 3

Having a partner that is slightly crazy can get you in trouble! (BLAKE)

It makes no sense to create an enemy out of a loose cannon. (BLAKE)

When your partner goes apes%$#, it can put a huge target on your back... (BLAKE)

Who doesn't love synchronized swimming!? (HARRISONCREST)

You can let a guy know you're in his corner by rubbing your foot all over him. Or something like that... (ERICA)

Smiling at your ex-boyfriend can piss off your new boyfriend. (VIENNA)

A winery is a great place to clear the air! (BLAKE)

Finding common ground is like soooo amazing! (MICHELLE)

No one likes a Debbie Downer! (VIENNA)

To keep a woman level headed you gotta give her what she wants! (GIGOLO BLAKE)

Don't go down without a fight! (JAKE)

Lip injections every six months can enhance your kissing abilities. Hmmm.... (ERICA)

Being serenaded with Every Rose Has Its Thorn can make a couple stronger. Or not... (HOLLY & MICHAEL)

Being ungrateful about a gift can really be a buzz kill! (VIENNA)

Serenading a girl can be romantic. It can also be incredibly awkward and cheesy! (KASEY)

Playing Nancy Drew can backfire on you really quick! (ERICA)

A tiara and a crystal wand can make you look like a princess. Or totally delusional! (ERICA)

In a pinch, undergarments make a great hankie! (MELISSA)

Everybody's been in love and everybody's gotten a broken heart. (JAKE)

A girl needs a guy who's older and more mature and not a boy! (ERICA)

Banging your crystal disco stick doesn't necessarily make your wishes come true! (ERICA)

Who can you really trust?! (HARRISONCREST)

Letting trailer park trash and a tattooed guy run your life is like sooo pathetic! (ERICA)


1. Synchronized swimming flowered bikinis and swim hats. So vintage and cute!

2. Brett Michaels singing Every Rose Has It's Thorn.

3. Michelle and Graham - cute together!

4. Erica's crystal scepter. Cheesy yes, but entertaining nonetheless!

5. Erica playing Nancy Drew and her over-the-top sneaking and spying around. Priceless!


1. Erica and Jake making out. Blech!

2. Vienna's constant whining and complaining. Debbie Downer much!?

3. Vienna and Kasey's constant fighting. Please pack your bags and kick rocks!

4. No one having the balls to break up the power couples. Yes I'm talking about you Kirky!

5. Melissa's constant drama. Enough already!


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