Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Bacehlor Pad Episode 2 - There's a Front Door & A Back Door Bitch!

Things We Learned From Bachelor Pad - Week 2:

If you've got the hottest girl in the house then you can't possibly be unattractive. Right!? (KASEY)

If you only read the tabloids then you'll never learn the real truth. Or something like that... (JAKE)

Knowing people are not attracted to you is sooo hurtful. (GIA)

When people throw a lot of eggs at you, you're probably not their favorite person. (JAKE)

If you're T-Shirt proclaims you to be the Mayor, does that really make it so? (MICHAEL)

A jenius before his time. Or is it...genius? Apparently only a Jenius would know! (KASEY)

Never underestimate the power of a bromance! (KASEY & MICHAEL)

Going on a date with a guy and his ex-fiance is a little awkward... (MICHELLE)

When exploring spooky places you gotta buck up bitches! (MICHAEL)

You can make a ghost hunt even more exciting by holding a seance! Because there's nothing the spirit world wants to do more than talk to contestants on the Bachelor Pad! Totally! (MICHAEL AND ERICA)

Tinfoil earrings can be fun and exciting. Can't they!? (MICHELLE)

When in danger, you should ask your nemesis for help. ??!? (JAKE)

The best thing to do to your nemesis is be a gentleman and let her sink herself. (JAKE)

When you tell everyone the same thing, it devalues your credibility. (BLAKE)

You can tell a lot about a person by the way they kiss. (BLAKE)

Kissing a woman can pacify her. (BLAKE)

Sometimes you have to whore yourself out to keep a girl happy. Or something like that... (BLAKE)

It's pretty easy to kiss a girl when you've had a few drinks! (BLAKE)

Is he making out with you because he's into you, or is he just into the $250,000.00? Hmmm... (MELISSA)

The most underused strategy in Bachelor Pad? Breaking up the power couples. (GIA)

Whenever you tell someone not to tell anyone else what you just talked about, they're going to tell everyone else what you just talked about. Sucker! (GIA)

You can impress a dentist by confessing that you...floss! (HOLLY)

When you don't think you can trust someone, listen to your gut! (MELISSA)

Annoyance is an emotion! (BLAKE)

The phrase "kick rocks dude" is understated. For sure! (KASEY)

If you're not part of a couple, then you're out! (ELLA)

Whenever you're unhappy, Harrisoncrest will always be there for you. He's got a good cab company on speed dial! (HARRISONCREST)

Never trust anyone on Bachelor Pad (KASEY)

If you don't want to give anyone the satisfaction of voting you out, then walk out on your own. (GIA)

Bachelor Pad can make you or break you. (AMES)

Flirting with another girl in front of your face is hurtful! Hurtful! (MELISSA)

Nothing says romance like a knight in shining red pants! (AMES)


1. Don't Be Afraid of the Dark Date - I love spooky stuff and mysteries and this was right up my alley. Not the most romantic of course, but do we really expect a lot of romance on this show or is it more like showmance!?

2. Gia's yellow legal pad strategy. Not that anyone paid attention to it though...

3. Fake Pavelka getting called out.

4. Harrisoncrest tells Vienna that the front and back door work just fine and she can kick rocks anytime ;-)

5. Ames running off into the night with Jackie. A little cheesy but kinda romantic too!


1. Mean contests - Throwing eggs at the least attractive person or the one you want to go home seems so grade-school. Takes you back to the days of gym when you feared getting picked last.

2. Vienna being afraid to talk to Jake unless Kasey's around. Woman up lady!

3. Smarmy Blake Fake Romancing Melissa - What goes around comes around dude!

4. Kasey Making His Tattoo Heart Beat - Beyond lame and cheesy. Please don't ever do that again! Gag!

5. Drama with a capital MELISSA.


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