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Bachelorette Ashley & Her Dudes: My Thoughts

Official Press Release



Ashley's Suitors Are Revealed, and Her Search for Mr. Right Starts with a Shocker... She is Warned By a Former "Bachelor" Cast Member About One of the Men Before the Series Even Starts!

What do a buffed butcher who is ready to slice up the competition, a handsome brokenhearted winemaker, a masked mystery man who wants to be known as more than a pretty face, a solar energy executive who will try to light up Ashley's life, an amusing "boy next door" who can crack a joke but might not be ready to settle down, and a divorced, single dad who may be there for the wrong reasons all have in common? They're all on the hunt for the new Bachelorette, Ashley Hebert, when the seventh edition of the female version of ABC's popular romance reality series, "The Bachelorette," premieres MONDAY, MAY 23 (9:00-11:00 p.m., ET), on the ABC Television Network.

Editors note: The program's regular time is 8:00-10:01 p.m., ET, beginning Monday, May 30.

Ashley, 27, who is finishing her degree in dentistry in Philadelphia, meets 25 potential soul mates as she begins her own search for true love. In the premiere, "Episode 701," 25 eligible men come from all over to try and win her heart. Immediately, the drama begins: Chris Harrison is surprised to find out that Ashley already knows about one of the men -- Bentley -- before meeting him. Mickey, a handsome chef, can't help himself and steals a kiss. A sharp Wall Street banker, Ames, is right on the money when he offers Ashley a pair of tickets to the ballet. Ben F., a vintner who knows his way around fine wines, pours a glass for Ashley from her own special vintage he created. And Nick, a former baseball player, recites a poem he wrote just for her. Meanwhile Jeff, the mysterious masked bachelor, attempts to draw all of Ashley's attention, but manages to irritate the other men at the same time. Then Bentley finally arrives... He is the man whom Ashley was made aware of before the show even began; a former "Bachelor" cast member tipped her that he might be there for the wrong reasons. When he steps out of the limo, all bets are off. She starts off being cynical, but is blown away by how attractive and charming Bentley is.

Once inside, Ashley lives every woman's dream - surrounded by 25 handsome men, all there just for her. As the biggest night of her life begins, so does the competition between the men. Ryan P. is the first to steal the Bachelorette away for some alone time and tries to quiet her fears about the men not liking her. Matt scores big points for introducing Ashley to his mother over a speakerphone. Ben C., an attorney, makes his case by communicating a romantic message to her from across the room on giant cue cards. From behind his mask, Jeff explains to Ashley that he is not just a pretty face -- and wants her to get to get to know the person he is on the inside. But will his enigmatic efforts pay off with a rose? Mike has a special song for the Bachelorette and starts to accompany himself on his guitar, but she is unprepared for what happens next. Moreover, Bentley surprises her with how genuine he seems.

Tensions mount and sparks fly as the bachelors vie for the first impression rose, but Tim is so nervous, he begins to drink to cover his stress, forcing Ashley to make her first major decision.

Finally, Ashley will eliminate seven of the 25 men, leaving 18 to compete for her affections and, in the end, her heart.


Just based on looks and goofy bios (and somewhat dorky blue background photos), here's my take on these 25 AMAZING Dudes:

Meet: Bentley the Investment Banker
What's Hot: He's named after a posh car! And he has NO tattoos!
What's Not: Mountain Man Plaid. Where's the power suit!?
Prediction: Top 12

Meet: Mickey the Chef
What's Hot: He can cook!
What's Not: He says he's not read too many books cover to cover. Um, okay...
Prediction: Top 6

Meet: Matt the Office Supply Salesman
What's Hot: I know where I can get some me some more post-its stat!
What's Not: He has a Bachelor of Science in TURF GRASS MANAGEMENT. Okay...
Prediction: Top 15

Meet: William the Sales Consultant
What's Hot: Charming Good Looks
What's Not: Can't keep his pants on--at least back in 7th grade...
Prediction: Top 6

Meet: Ryan P. the Solar Energy Executive
What's Hot: He's got a sunny disposition apparently ;-)
What's Not: He'd probably nag you about leaving the lights on!
Prediction: Top 15

Meet: Nick the Personal Trainer
What's Hot: He's a Tight Jeans kind of guy.
What's Not: The chin fuzz. Lose it, dude!
Prediction: Top 15

Meet: Chris D. the Sports Marketing Coordinator
What's Hot: Still pondering this...
What's Not: He can't tell time.
Prediction: He'll be lucky if he makes the top 15!

Meet: Blake the Dentist
What's Hot: Nice teeth.
What's Not: He'd like to be Tiger Woods for a day. You know, Tiger Woods...
Prediction: Top 15

Meet: Ryan M. the Construction Estimator
What's Hot: Can make jokes about his embarrassing moments
What's Not: Has trouble with his zipper...
Prediction: Top 10

Meet: Michael the Business Developer
What's Hot: Flexible
What's Not: Once a streaker, always a streaker!
Prediction: Might make the top 15

Meet: Ames the Banker
What's Hot: He gets Tolstoy...
What's Not: He lives at the gym!
Prediction: Top 10

Meet: West the Lawyer
What's Hot: Keepin' it real with family! He admires his step-dad. That's refreshing. So many others selected Celebutards and politicians (gag!)
What's Not: He can see himself having a conversation with a volleyball...
Prediction: Might make the top 15!

Meet: Lucas the Oilfield Equipment Distributor
What's Hot: He's from Texas! Conservative. And he's an oilman!
What's Not: Maybe too perfect?!
Prediction: Top 10

Meet: Chris M. the Construction Owner
What's Hot: He admires his mom! Awe!
What's Not: Not sure about spontaneity when traveling in a foreign country...
Prediction: Top 10

Meet: Tim the Liquor Distributor
What's Hot: Martinis anyone!?
What's Not: He procrastinates, wakes up grumpy, and overspends.
Prediction: Top 15

Meet: J.P. the Construction Manager
What's Hot: His favorite holiday is the 4th of July!
What's Not: Might turn into a three year old when things don't go his way...
Prediction: Not getting Rosed!

Meet: Jon the E-Commerce Executive
What's Hot: He's a Marine. UH RAH!
What's Not: Obsessed with Arnold Schwarzenegger...
Prediction: Not getting Rosed!

Meet: Ben C. the Lawyer
What's Hot: He's not afraid to wear pink.
What's Not: Admits to having love handles.
Prediction: Not getting Rosed!

Meet: Stephen the Hairstylist
What's Hot: He can touch up your roots at a moment's notice!
What's Not: Can't add.
Prediction: Top 15

Meet: Rob the Technology Executive
What's Hot: He's fiscally conservative.
What's Not: He apparently knows the perils of hunting wild boar with soiled shorts...Yikes!
Prediction: Not getting Rosed!

Meet: Jeff the Wine Owner
What's Hot: He's an animal lover!
What's Not: His greatest achievement? "Creating a Vodka and Wine." Hmmm....
Prediction: Might get by for a little while, Top 15 possibly...

Meet: Frank an Assistant Director of Admissions for an Art College
What's Hot: He's from Alaska!
What's Not: Perhaps a little tooo artsy fartsy...
Prediction: Not getting Rosed!

Meet: Anthony the Butcher
What's Hot: Got a source to score some good filet mignons!
What's Not: He's Mr. Know it All. "A glider is a plane with no engine."
Prediction: Not getting Rosed!

Meet: Constantine the Restaurant Owner
What's Hot: Speaks Greek.
What's Not: He could be Bruno's twin!
Prediction: Not getting Rosed!

Meet: Ben F. the Winemaker and Internet Advertiser
What's Hot: Versatile hair...
What's Not: He doesn't like the Cowboys!
Prediction: Top 10

Click here to see them at ABC and read their bios!


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