Friday, January 28, 2011

Clues From Chris Harrisoncrest

Today's teleconference with our favorite host Chris Harrisoncrest produced these gems about The Bachelor and Bachelor Brad. To view the entire teleconference transcript, click here.

Top 10 Behind the Scenes Clues to The Bachelor/ette

1. In the end, there is no catch to this show...

2. They've given the Michelles of the world a bad rap.

3. Until the next date in Vegas, Brad is clueless about the NASCAR angle.

4. They like to let the real life drama and everything play out on its own.

5. A Pizza Hut date and the movies does not make for Good TV. (Sorry Pizza Hut!)

6. He's an armchair psychologist in his spare time...

7. Was Brad ever going to marry Madison and pick her? Probably not...

8. As for the incessant therapy and the therapist, it's probably going to go away due to it's REDUNDANCY...

9. His advice for anyone going on the show? Be yourself!

10. His most memorable former Bachelor/ettes? Andrew Firestone, Trista and Ryan.


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