Sunday, August 8, 2010

Bachelor Pad Preview

Bachelor Pad - It's like Big Brother meets the Bachelor/ette meets I'm A Famehore I Gotta Get Me 15 More Minutes of Fame! Woohoo! Just sayin' ;) So of course, there will be tears, drama, fights, and kisses. And Harrisoncrest will be there to guide us along this journey. And then there's Melissa Rycroft the gal Jason dumped as Harrisoncrest's perky sidekick! Top that Big Brother! Enjoy the trainwreck...

Your 19 Former Bachelor/ette
Dudes and Ladies:

Cheatin' Wes Hayden

Snitch Jessie Sulidis

Nikki Ta Tas Kaapke

Air Craft Carrier Dumpee Peyton Wright

Wino Jesse Kovacs

Who? Gwen Gioia

Blondie Tease Elizabeth Kitt

McDangerous Craig McKinnon

Wannabe Mavdork Stewardess Ashley Elmore

LOVE Bears! Natalie Getz

Charlie O'Connell Dumpee Krisily Kennedy

Abs Kipton Locke

Man Code Angry Dude David Good

KA-RAZY Michelle Kujawa

Juanita Barbieri

Weatherman Jonathan Novack

Tattooed Jesse Beck

Model Gia Allemand

Divorcee Dancer Tenley Molzahan


***Caps From Dreamer at Jokers, Thanks!***

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