Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Men Tell All (Or Nothing At All...)

And once again it's the Men Tall All...OR Nothing at All! They didn't give us a clue about what happens next week, but we've all kind been spoiled to the ending anyhow ;) We'll see...

25 seemingly normal guys, a gorgeous bachelorette, and everybody tends to lose their mind!

Back joining us were only 14 of the 25! Inked Jesse, Do I Have To Wear This Girlie Apron Hunter, Mountain Man Kyle, Who? Tyler V., DJ Crazy Craig R., I Know I Look Really Angry All The Time But I'm Not John C., Shooter Derrick, Um..Who? Jason, Corker Steve, Mute Chris N., Kirky, Weatherman Jonathan, KA-RAZY Kasey, and Sideburns Ty. What, no McDangerous Craig M.?!


1. How many times did Kasey say "guard and protect her heart" according to Ali? Maybe a couple hundred or four or somethin'??! HA. HA. HA!

2. Never seen moment: Roberto nearly decapitates Ali with a champagne cork and what does she immediately do? HA. HA. HA. HA. HA. HA. HA!!!!!!!!!!! HA! Enough already!

3. Ali was apparently so TANKED she didn't remember putting on an astronaut helmet on her date with KA-RAZY Kasey!

4. Nicknamed "The Phantom" by the dudes was MUTE Chris N. shown here disappearing into the mist like a Scooby Doo villain...

5. Shooter Derrick gives us his signature shooter gun with his hand when he's announced. OK, we get it! Dude, you're milking that premature thing just a bit too much. Gag!

6. Weatherman thought Ali was mystical. AMAZING!

7. It's The Phantom vs. that %$#@^ Rated R! 2pm after school at that flag pole! Be there!

8. HOLY CRAP! Chris N. spoke like some words or something!

9. Craig M.'s hard and fast rule the first night? Not to talk crap about any of the other dudes. How long did it last? About 5 seconds! Holla!

10. Tyler V. to Weatherman in his Members Only Jacket, "Dude, you bitched out!"

11. Kasey did lots of Bachette homework before coming on the show! Ty's dog ate his homework ;)

12. Justin? He's bi-polar according to psycho-iatrist John C.

13. Weatherman spent most of the show chewing and snacking on his own lips. Gag!

14. John C. must have plucked his eyebrows again in that "angry guy" style ;)

15. Maybe Kasey scared Ali just a little bit. Right...

16. Kasey? Still KA-RAZY!

17. Guard. Protect. Heart. Gag!

18. Ali broke Kirky's heart. Awe.

19. Kirky milks his time in the hot seat for all it's worth. Meet broken-hearted Kirky ready to find love and give love, your next Bachelor!

20. Craiger calls Rated Really Lame out on his evilness.

21. Craiger is the unofficial spokesmen of the dudes. And for a buck, he's their lawyer and confidant too! ;)

22. Craig, to sum up Rated REALLY Lame, "This was just an A$$hole being an A$$hole." Okay!

23. Oh boy, it's that snitch Jessie Sulidis!

24. Craiger HA. HA. HA!s that Rated Really Lame doesn't own a car!

25. Craiger would love to meet Rated Really Lame in the olive oil ring.

26. Ali thought it was going to be rainbows and butterflies. Instead it was dorks, a-holes, and getting lit 24-7!

27. Kasey serenades Ali another Kasey Song: "You left me on a glacier and you chose that DumbA$$ Rated R..."

28. Weatherman likes to wipe his tears with TP!

29. During the filming of this show, some JackA$$ gave Harrisoncrest a plastic champagne glass to ting with his knife banging skills. Classic!

30. What to do in Turkey? Make Craiger Pee his pants!

Ah good times! Until next week...


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