Sunday, May 23, 2010

A Tribute to LOTS of Ali Yellow!

So I'm sensing some yellow. Can't imagine why...It's not because she wears a lot of yellow, dreams in yellow and writes with a yellow sharpie. Nah...

I thought for fun we'd do a fashionable tribute to yellow for Ali's sunny summery season of The Bachelorette to get us going before the first episode!

The Yellow List:

Calvin Klein Dress, Macys - Sale $88.99

Bloom Flower Ring, Stella & Dot - $39.00

Christian Louboutin Heels - Tres Spendy! Tres Chic!

OR, Mix In Some Black or
Turquoise Bling:

Black Bloom Flower Ring, Stella & Dot - $44.00

Diamond of the Sea Bracelet, Anthropologie - $38.00

Charlize Bib Necklace, Stella & Dot - $79.00

Kelly Necklace - Black , Stella & Dot - $89.00

Christian Louboutin Black Peep Toe Pumps

OR Paris Hilton Black Platforms, DSW - $59.95


***Cap From Dreamer at Jokers. Thanks!***

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