Sunday, March 14, 2010

The 1st Bachelor To Get Married: Jason & Molly

We've had a Bachelorette wedding. Finally, after all these seasons, a Bachelor Wedding! Jason and Molly. Congrats! If you tuned in, you discovered lots of fun things Molly got for her wedding--like the 40,000.00 dress which was lovely, the gorgeous shoes, the diamonds, and all that green to decorate to her heart's desire.

And of course, we got to see some of the goofy crew that is former members of this show--gee, you don't think some of them might be on the upcoming Bachelor Pad, hmmm.....:

Here's My Top 30 Jason & Molly's Wedding Moments:

1. Couch seating!

2. Rain.

3. Brownie noses!

4. Chris Harrisoncrest popping into the scene from various angles to talk about the rain like 20 times!

5. Vienna's pink sweatpants--sexy!

6. Rain!

7. Jake & Vienna play "Lady and the Tramp". Who's the lady?

8. Ed got a 3-1 deal on plaid shirts at Macys!

9. Sarah's not gonna live with you Charlie until she gets that bling ring dude!

10. Trista and Ryan=snow, babies, pink. That's all I wrote down...

11. OMG! A pot spoon rester!

12. Jason scanning Molly repeatedly with the Macy's Wedding Registry scanner. Slapstick fun, really!

13. Chris Harrisoncrest pestering the wedding planner when she has like oh another million things to do...

14. Grab your ankles, now butt up ladies!

15. A 7 year-old Jason as superdork wearing disturbingly large glasses!

16. Butterflies! Awe.

17. Rain!!!!!

18. Chris Harrisoncrest pesters another lady who has like a gajillion things to do!!!!

19. Umbrella's being blown up all over the place!

20. Shoes on a silver platter!

21. Paparazzi getting the smack down and Jason taking pictures and giggling. Okay...

22. Jillian and Ed on weddings, "IF we do this..."

23. Advice from Jillian, "Don't do his laundry right away!!!"

24. Rain!!!!!!!

25. And the twist, it's not Melissa...

26. A rainbow and singing Over the Rainbow!

27. Getting drenched during their vows.

28. Molly smears cake on Jason's face! Ha!

29. Gavin DeGraw and Jason Castro perform. One played a tiny "guitar."

30. Molly got her fairytale. Awe.


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