Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Women Tell All...Or Nothing At All!

It's that time again--the Women Tell All...Or Nothing At All!!! And I think it was probably nothing at all from the looks of it!

Back with us to dish the dirt were: Kathryn, Emily, Channy, Ella, Ashley, Valishia, Ashleigh, Corrie, Christina, Jessie, Elizabeth, Michelle, Ali, and Gia--oh and Roz who they had stashed in some closet with a big burly guy for most of the show!


1. There have been nearly 500 bachelor/ettes on this show since season 1!

2. This guy Jessie has got to be a fame whore if there ever was one:

3. Jake showering makes Ashley blush.

4. Ashleigh faked that fall--totally!

5. Michelle scared the living bejeezus out of everyone!

6. Jessie thinks Tenley fell out of a Disney movie.

7. Gia thinks Tenley S#!%$ rainbows!

8. Vienna suspects Tenley dreams in cartoons. For reals!

9. Ashleigh kinda feels bad she called Vienna a "White trash trailer f'n hoar." Kinda...

10. Elizabeth's strategy was no kissing which was kinda stupid when she viewed it. Hindsight...

11. Roz is a 10,000 lb elephant!

12. Roz vs. Harrisoncrest, cage match at 2pm after school at the flagpole. Be there!

13. Harrisoncrest, Ella, Jessie, Christina, Ashleigh--all liars! Totally!

14. That's Roz's story, and she's sticking to it! Unlike some others...

15. People on this show like to make out with other people on this show. Awe.

16. Michelle shed more tears per minute than anyone in the history of this show! Classic!

17. Valishia thinks maybe Michelle's a little unstable...

18. Michelle was embarrassed that Jake didn't want to kiss her...

19. Ali gives a shout out to that wench Vienna and tells her to stay strong! Peace out!

20. On my child's life that never happened! On my dog's life I'm not lying. Whaaa!

21. Fried uterus?! What massage!? Hitting on someone's wife in New Zealand?! Details!!!

22. Ali would bet her job that there are no hidden cameras in the Bachelor house!

23. Jake regrets not keeping Christina longer--she's sooooo darn funny that gal!!!

24. Jake wants to know Harrisoncrest's secret for pearly white teeth!

25. Jake's totally happy. Awe!


***Caps From Dreamer at Jokers. Thanks!***

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