Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Let's Lick Faces & Other Thoughts To Ponder...

Going to St. Lucia? A spiffy shell necklace is totally a requirement for a dude! 3 overnight dates, 3 Harrisoncrest cards, 1 sad sack going home. Gotta love it! Or not...


Ali likes to sit around hotel rooms with a few 8 x 10 glossies of Mavdork. Fun times!

Tenley doesn't have picnics with boys often!


Gia and Jake

Memorable Moments:

Jake wonders, really, this girl likes ME!?!? We wonder that too!

Daisy Duke Gia sneaks up on a very unsuspecting Mavdork!

Gia thinks they're in the Bermuda triangle. Okaaaay...

Mavdork does his best trying to get jiggy wit it. OMG!

Jake buys Gia a necklace with a heart--and she isn't ever going to take it off her...WRIST! Awe.

They took a leap of faith--off a dock so darn big it was just that tiny!

Gee Gia, you're so gorgeous but yet you have some real depth to you!

Chris Harrisoncrest's Note to Gia and Jake: "Gia, it's Chris here. Welcome to St. Lucia. No, we're in no danger of you taking us to the Bermuda Triangle of love--you'll learn that in due time....While you're enjoying your stay and that brightly striped table cloth, here's a chance to get to know Jake better. Be sure to charge the snacks to Fleiss, he's the Big Kahuna!"


Tenley and Jake

Memorable Moments:

A picnic at a plantation! Sweet says the little blue birdies!

Man these carrot sticks are good!

Jake's a naughty boy! Animals and birdies cover your eyes while Momma Tenley kisses Jake like forever!

They dance, they twirl, they dip! Awe.

Chris Harrisoncrest's Note to Tenley and Jake: "Tenley, Chris here. It's time to kiss another boy--in private! You play your cards right and Jake might just fly you to the Cayman Islands one day. I'm sure he will...Go on now, before you miss your first sunrise as a couple in the fantasy suite! Sorry, the birdies and animals have to stay behind with the production crew. Fantasy suite rules. Peace out!"


Vienna and Jake

Memorable Moments:

Arrrrrgh! Me Pirate Mavdorky, Me wear an eye patch and squint my other eye!! Arrrr!

Let's lick faces wench! Fun times!

Shooting canons and squealing. Lots of squealing. Make it stop!!!

Arrrr, me pretty, climb this rope and kiss yer pirate cap'n. Oh wait, we're supposed to be afraid of heights. Ooops!

Jake. A bandana. A fake kiddie sword. And some sword-Ass slapping. Classic!

It wouldn't be a pirate ship without someone getting pushed off the plank! Heave ho! ;)

I see we're continuing the pirate theme with the very bright parrot table cloth!!

Chris Harrisoncrest's Note to Vienna and Jake: "Shiver Me Timbers Vienna! If you thought all this dorky pirate stuff from today went to Davy Jone's Locker, just wait until you get to the fantasy suite with Jake! He's likes him some booty, you can bet on it! But remember, dead men tell no tales! Arrrr!!"

Oh boy, a phone call from...Ali! She's sad, sniffling, rolling around a hotel suite kitchen floor. Puttering around in robe. Drooling over glossy 8 x 10s of you. Pathetic!


What's with the giant rhinestone BOW?!


Ahoy -- "Hello!"

Blimey! -- An exclamation of surprise.

Booty -- Loot.

Davy Jones' locker -- The bottom of the sea.

Maroon -- A fairly common punishment --the victim was left on a deserted island.

Me hearties -- Typical way for a pirate leader to address his crew.

Shiver me timbers! -- An expression of surprise or strong emotion.

Walk the plank -- A piratical execution.

Wench -- An individual of the female persuasion. "Saucy" is a good adjective to add to this.

Yo-ho-ho -- A very piratical thing to say, whether it actually means anything or not.


***Caps From Dreamer at Jokers. Thanks!***

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