Monday, July 13, 2009

"I like you THIS much" & Other Thoughts To Ponder...

Well guys and gals, was it as good for you as it apparently wasn't for Jillian and Ed?! Was anyone left scratching their head when Reid was sent home? Does anyone think Reid is coming back? Hmmm....

She's had quite a ride this season hasn't she. These 3 dudes have flown halfway around the world to find love, get away from girlfriends back home, and get the chance to keep it real with their Jilly! Just who will Mr. Invisible be? Jillian pondered this while she hearted question mark in the sand. Awe. She's in love with ALL of them after all...Aren't they aways!?


"Let's get this S--- done! Ready Reid?" --Jillian "proposes"

"I'm like 4!" --Reid

"I hope they like you. I'd be nervous!" --Ed on Jillian meeting his folks


Kipton & Jillian

Memorable Moments:

Oh boy! Another run, jump, twirl, and SQUEEEEEAAAL!

Jillian is sooo scared during the ropes course! Kippy gets to be there for her and hear lots of squeals! Do earplugs come in the guys' welcome bags? Just sayin'.

Kippy on a tightrope is like a baby trying to learn to walk and Jillian thinks that's soooo funny! I think it's kind of dorky...

When faced with taking a leap of faith, she'd rather puke!

More squeals!

Kippy promises her a kiss when they get to the bottom. And he feeds her strawberries too!

Nice loud floral tablecloth at dinner!

His one big flaw? He's lousy at Flamenco dancing!

Like the hokey pokey, he likes to keep one foot in and one foot out of a relationship. Oooooh!

Chris Harrisoncrest's Note to Jillian and Kippy: "Kippy. Chris Harrison here. Now's your chance to do a sexy flamenco dance for Jillian in the fantasy suite without the cameras rolling. Go for it Mr. Perfect. Have fun kids."

My Prediction: He's always the dumper, not the dumpee. Guess who's finally getting dumped in two weeks!!!!


Jillian & Reid

Memorable Moments:

She greets him with a huge beach ball!

He likes to make out under palm trees.

He says he's glad to see her and then calls his "lines" cheesy!

A helicopter ride with Jillian? Like being in heaven! Or a small crowded space with a squealing child. Take your pick...

An aerial wedding Reid? I don't think so!

Reid's like 4: "I like you." "How much?" "THIS much!"

Reid's a total Magic 8 Ball. Ask him anything and he'll pony up. But don't pressure him about marriage!

In case you were wondering, Reid's a bit indecisive in life!

"Reid, are you going to marry me or not?!? TELL ME NOW DAMMIT!" Or something like that...

Chris Harrisoncrest's Note to Jillian and Reid: "Reid. It's Chris. No, I'm not spying from the bushes. That'd be Twilley. Kidding. You're not on the deserted island yet my friend, so chuck the Buddy Holly glasses, the fear of meat and committment and just get down on it, da da, get down on the Fantasy Suite on us! Be sure to charge room service to Fleiss. He's the big daddy kahuna! Here's a case of bubble bath! Peace out!"

Reid's never had a bubble bath--he'd have to sit in dirty water! So he thinks they need LOTS of soap and pours like 5 bottles in that tub. Covered in bubbles, he looks like the ABOMINABLE SNOW BUBBLER! Sexy!

My Prediction: Sadly, gone at 3. But funny, how people keep returning this season...


Jillian & Ed

Memorable Moments:

Jillian's looking for a HUGE sign from Ed. But instead she gets something tiny and green! And no, it's not the incredible hulk...

She was tan and hot. And he wanted to attack her! But first, Ed had to finish filming a Nair commercial! Fliess has to pay the bills somehow!

“Who wears short shorts??? WE wear short
shorts!!! Nair for short shorts!”

Ed's nickname? Richie! Jillian thinks that's hawt!

Ed picks up Jillian and jumps into the ocean. And she's sqealing all the way doooooowwn in his ear! They jumped off the rocks and she squealed all the way doooooowwn in his ear! Need ear plugs STAT!

She wants to meet his family and BAM! There they are! It must have happened just like that because Ed's Dad spouted out "What the hell are we doing here??!? I was eatin' some brats and watching da Bears and now I'm in da Maui..."

Chris Harrisoncrest's Note to Ed and Jillian: "Big Ed, it's Harrison! Microsoft called. You're fired! Kidding...Or am I?! Keep that in mind while you two kids relax in the fantasy suite. I'm sure it won't affect your game! Laters!"

"This girl is smokin' hot. Why does she like me?" --Ed (Pssst: It's the shorts Ed! Totally!)

What's with the strange white long sleeved nightie?!

On a scale of 1 to RICHIE, their passion was a total BILBRO! Maybe they hugged it out instead...

My Prediction: Ed is Final 1 but then BAM, it all changes in the blink of a script revision...


Kip: Will he break her heart?

Reid: Will he make sacrifices?

Ed: Will he strike out in the bedroom A-GAIN?!


Kippy and Ed's Lilac wonder of a jacket!


Honey Boo Bear (Reid) and his lightbulb moment: Tell her how you feel dude!


Interesting we've never seen her call Reid her honey boo bear until we glean this tidbit from Reid's video message! Hmmm...

Ed mentioned "external things" going on to Jillian. Like I don't know...girls back in Chicaaaago maybe?!?? Ahh those pesky "rumors!"

When Reid says if he could reverse things, he would, is that a spoiler?!


1. Eeny Meeny Miney Mo
2. Flip a coin!
3. See who snores the least in the fantasy suite!
4. Draw names
5. The one who can find the Ogopogo first, wins!


***Caps from Dreamer & Valen at Jokers. Thanks!***


Captain Barbarossa said...

Very witty. I like your style. Ed's tighty greenies were a thing of hideous beauty. Compare to his Easter Bunny suit that is.

Who's That Girl? said...

Thanks! I enjoy your "blast" blogs on the Bachette:) I'm a sarcastic gal so I enjoy that!