Monday, June 15, 2009

Who The Heck Has A Girl Friend? & Other Things To Ponder...

It was Nancy Drew & The Mystery of the Hidden Girl Friends, eh! And not a Hardy Boy amongst them could sort through those daffy clues and red herrings either...

Sheesh, aside from Girl Friend Gate, we had Ed vs. His Crabby Boss who apparently won out!


When it's really cold in Whistler, Jillian likes to wear gloves with the finger tips cut off!

There are 101 things that make Michael more and more attracted to Jillian...

It was a two-for-one sale on red and green hoodies!

Wes likes to spy on the other guys when they're having a gab fest!

Jesse thinks Jillian is smart!

Riding on a snowmobile with Jillian is super scary to Robby.

Kip has a force field about him so that when he talks Jillian doesn't even know what he's saying - she just thinks he's so darn cute!

Jillian smells like snow, flowers, and...gasoline! According to Reid...

Jillian owns a glacier!

When Jillian was little she wanted to have like 60 children!

Jillian thinks her voice is either nails on a chalkboard or like she's a whiskey drunkard! Jesse thinks it's soothing and arousing. To each his own!

Jillian thinks a sweater, collared shirt and jeans are real FANCY!

Even if you are wearing the pants, you can still get your heart broken. Thanks Ed! And your crabby Boss too!

Jillian is TOTALLY positive she wouldn't fall for a guy who has a girl friend! For sure!

Michael owns a bright pink sweater. And he's secure enough to wear it around those other dudes!


"Oh My Awesome!" --Michael

"Am I nuts or is zippin' freakin' awesome!?" --Michael

"I am a cheesey ass like helpless romantic fall in love if a girl kisses me on the mouth kind of guy!" --Michael

"I like you! Do you like meeee?!" --Jillian to Kip

"You're so cool and you smell good!" --Reid to Jillian

"I just ate it! Ate it on my face!" --Wes


Jillian & Michael

Memorable Moments:

Michael has a HUGE crush on his Jilly. What would make it even better? A room full of...spaghetti!

They show their adventuresome side and go Zip Lining. And what does Michael inform us? He's probably going to scream! Gee, great--because if it's one thing we haven't gotten a lot of from this guy--it's screaming! ;)

Jilly feels like a kid with Michael--like she's 19 A-GAIN!

Michael is a big lovable puppy!

He finally gets his hot chocolate, his Jilly, and no curling!

Jillian needed a one-on-one date with MIKE-YO to see if she could have a normal conversation with that other dude Michael.

Jillian ate her "spaghetti" with chopsticks!

Not any real kisses! But lots of shouting! Woohoo!

It's been awhile since Michael has been on a date with a...girl...or a man...

She's holding the rose, talking about him. He's chewing. She's saying how funny he is and she'd like to get to know him better. He chews some more. She decides to give him the rose. He digs around in his mouth with his tongue. Awe Romance!

(Tell That To Ed's Boss!)

Jillian & Wes, Robby, Kip, Tanner P, Ed, Jake, Reid, and Mark

Memorable Moments:

Tanner P still isn't spilling a thing! Spoilsport!

What is every Canadian Girl's dream? 8 hot guys snowmobiling together in Whistler!

Let's Beat Up on Robby! The guys point out that he is 25, has no job, drinks like a fish, he's young, he has no responsibilities, and Jillian likes taking care of kids--so he's perfect! Okay...

Are you here just to promote your CD? Duh! Wes tells Jilly it's no secret what he does. So therefore he MUST be there for the right reasons! Jilly kisses him. He seals the deal for a rose. Okay...

Jillian dances like Elaine in Seinfeld on an ice bar for the guys. Then she mosh pits them. It wasn't pretty...

Jilly's butt is soooo wet. She makes Kippy feel it. Ewe!

Reid has like 4 girlfriends and 2 wives! For reals!

Ed's boss is like a total Bob Bummer and pressures Ed to get his A$$! back home like yesterday!


Jillian & Jesse

Memorable Moments:

Jillian's plane ride to a glacier leaves Jesse speechless!

We learn that a glacier is a big, giant, beautiful piece!

Jesse and Jilly play like kids in the snow and make snow angels. Awe!

Jesse reveals that being on a glacier totally beats getting a Tonka truck at Christmas...

J + J=a moment Jesse will remember forever!

The hot tub was pretty steamy. Jillian and Jesse? Not so much...


Michael, Jesse, Reid, Kip, Robby, Jake, Tanner P, and Wes and his strange gray jacket.


Mark and his saggy sad untucked blue dress shirt and all those darn barriers! But the upside? Anytime Jillian wanders into Denver, he'll hook her up with some damn tasty pizza toppings!


Just when you think Ed is gone for good, Jillian's emotional crying aside, we are left with the following little sneak peek at a future episode and just who is that dude kissing Jilly?! Why it's Ed! Hmmm...


What's up with the jeans at the Rose Ceremonies?! Tres casual this year, eh!?

Why does Ed Come Back? Vote in the poll at right! My guess? He's either final 1 and they both realized she was meant to be with him so he arranged with his work to come back or actually quit! OR! He's final 2 and he possibly quits his job (becaused he's going to be the next Bachelor and be paid well to do that) and they play it out like he's coming back and taking this HUGE risk, the viewers are soooo disappointed that cute loveable Ed comes in 2nd setting him up to be our next Bachelor as a fan fav. Time will tell...


10. No more references to trees, beatings, and Juan in the same sentence!

9. No one is stealing Jillian away from the other dudes right and left!

8. No more angry rants...

7. No more violations of MAN CODE being outed by the MAN CODE POLICE!

6. In fact, no one else seems to be breaking MAN CODE!

5. No one is talking about Jillian's outfits as eloquently as Juan did!

4. No one's stepping up to talk to the other dudes MAN to MAN!

3. Without Juan to pick on, the guys had to pick on Robby!

2. Jillian keeps leaving stuff behind now that her personal assistant Juan is gone!

1. No more awkward kiss and dodge/shirt adjusting/talking about spandex A$$! scenes!


***Caps from Dreamer & Valen at Jokers, Thanks!***

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