Monday, June 22, 2009

I Still Miss Ed & Other Thoughts to Ponder...

"People all over the world, join hands! Start a love train,

Sing it with me! Of course, Jillian still misses "slave to his work" ED! Aside from the purty scenery, was that the train ride of boredom or what!? And poor Reid had to pass the time talking to train employees about love and even got some advice from them. And that furry haremesque boudoir bed of Jillian's? Priceless!


Tanner P has never been on a train or to Canada before. Lucky duck!

Kippy likes to walk on furniture.

You go girl! Jillian slapped the guys' asses when they boarded the train.

Jillian was totally rocking the mountain man plaid shirt mixed with a girlish trendy belt look tonight!

Was that a mower Robby was pushing through the train's aisle? Oh just suitcases. My bad.

Jillian likes her drinks light, refreshing, and not too sweet.

Tanner P wears briefs. And whatever's going on in the frontal area--totally blurred out by ABC! Okay...

When things get tough these guys bring out the Bob Bummer phrases: "Now there are 7! Dam broke, the flood's a comin'! Tornadoes. It's ugly. The chopping block!"

I think Wes called Jillian "Slim" and he's sooo "Shady!"

Jillian's feet are not ticklish.

Michael is the young crazy guy who makes everyone laugh. Translation: Let's keep him around another week!

Wes has a HIDDEN AGENDA! For reals!

Reid is just a tad neurotic...

Nice guys get screwed! Just ask Jake, leader of the Nice Guys Brigade!

Not sure how it happened, but the hot tub kicks Michael's butt! That's his story and he's sticking to it!

When Jake loves, he loves HARD!

When Chris Harrison greats the crowd in Banff, he keeps a lovely shouting distance of at least 20 feet!

Jillian psychoanalizes Jake which is never a good sign!

Chris Harrison is not allowed to use the H Word around Jillian. H=Husband!

Jake thinks Wes is dangerous, Reid is flimsy, and Michael? He's young!

Michael and Jesse have formed a hip hop group: MIKE YO & MR LOVE JUICE with third wheel Shady Wes the twanger!


"I'm kind of like...WHOA!" --Robby on getting a 1-on-1 date

"Fame...I can taste it...inside me..part of records to sell..I got a MF'n hidden agenda...always have Jillian wrapped around my finger!" --Wes Shady

"When you're in the snow you can do no wrong..." --Jillian (Is this Canada's answer to what stays in Vegas!?)

"I just don't want to see anybody's package yet. I'm not ready for that!" --Jillian

"Her feet are ridiculous!" --Tanner P

"Woof Woofy. Woooooof Woof Woofers YO!" --Michael's Dog saying if he doesn't marry that girl, they'll kick her out of the family!

"He is an awful human!" --Tanner P on Wes


Jillian & Robby

Memorable Moments:

Jillian gets to learn fun bartending tricks! And she totally sucks at it!

Jillian's not so sweet drink looked like milky water.

She gives us a big squeal when the train goes through a tunnel. Yay!

Robby makes Jillian feel 5 OR 10 years younger!

Robby's family is cursed! Beware of the Descant Curse. BWAAHAHAHAHA

When you're looking for husband material, the last thing a guy should tell a girl is that he's between jobs and he doesn't really know what he wants to do with his life...

Robby wishes he had a bigger...vocabulary!

And he has soooo many ideas in his head it's stupid!

But love doesn't have a job. Love doesn't have age. Surely it doesn't!

Total Bummer! He was kicked off the train on the damn train tracks!

Michael cried more when Robby left than Jillian. Awe.

Wes crawls into Jillian's furry harem bed. She likes him. She says something about jerks. His eyes get big. She's glad he's there. He tells her there may be a few jerks...Then he breaks into song. Or something like that...


Jillian & Tanner P, Jake, Wes, Jesse, Michael, Kip, and Marty the Moose!

Memorable Moments:

We're dedicating this section to Tanner P's PACKAGE!

Tanner P helps her put her snowshoes on her boots...and is disappointed he can't get any foot action!

Kip has to learn to walk all over a-GAIN.

They play hide and seek! Weee! Jake finds Jillian and trips on top of her. Oh, that is, Mr. Perfect was cuddling with her. That's his story and he's sticking to it!

Jake is a back jumper!

Kinda on the fence with this one, but is it a good idea to tell someone they remind you of their mom Jake? Jake thought their conversation was electric. Jillian, not so much!

Jillian just wants to cuddle with Kippy or maybe talk, or maybe take a nap. He's soooo cute!

Jillian wears her underwear and a tank top to bed. BUT, if she's had a couple of drinks, JUST underwear.

SO...Tanner P decides to freak us out with his package:

It's like a thong with some briefs over it. If that ain't wrong, I don't know what's right...

Jillian DIDN'T feel the need to see the package though she notes it was huge though! And Wes totally called her out for peeking!

After freaking Jillian out with his package, Tanner offers her a foot massage with some freebie cabin sample lotion.

Jillian's feet? A 9 to 9 1/2. What would make them a 10? MANGO polish! Okaaaay...

Jillian and Michael decide to get romantic. So they hug it out and roast marshmallows!

Tanner reveals he's the TATTLER! Wes goes off ranting about how he can't stand a tattler! Mark my words Mr. Nice Guy Jake gets suspicious!


Jillian & Reid

Memorable Moments:

Reid asks for advice on whether he should wear his glasses. The train employee tells him no and NO FUNNY HATS EITHER!

Reid fell A LOT while snowboarding. To Jillian, this means he's falling head over heels for her! Totally!

Fun Fact: Having red ears either means you're horny or have high blood pressure. So what do those old fogeys Jillian and Reid think is their problem?! High blood pressure! For reals!

Fondue freaks Reid out!

Ried is a bit of a hypochondriac to say the least...

Jillian does not wash her fruit and veggies! Reid is disgusted because people scratch their butts before touching it in the supermarket! You know come to think of it, I'm always seeing a lot of that going on in the produce section...

Reid normally dates blondes that are not like Jillian. And he totally means this in a nice way. Or something like that...

Reid is scared of roses.

Awe. Jillian touched Reid's red high blood pressure ear when she kissed him!


Kip, Reid, Jesse, Wes and his lame brown jacket, and Michael the young buck!


Tanner P and his foot fettish and a lovely parting quote: "She knows I 've got a foot fetish. She knows I was born with a big 'WOOHOO.' That's F'd up but what can I do?!"

Jake, leader of the NICE GUY BRIGADE, gives us the old cliche, "Nice guys finish last." Story of his life. Or at least that's what the cue card said!


What was in the drink Robby made for Jilly?

Could somebody please explain just WTH that black band thingy Tanner P was wearing was that may or may not have been keeping his underwear up?

Is fooling around on a bear skin rug a bit cliche?

Crashing another guy's hometown date does not bode well for MR. NICE GUY it would appear...


1. Funky brownish hat
2. Tiny blue polo shirt
3. Plaid shirt and brown belt
4. Major arm tats
5. Dark eye glasses

a. Missing Ed Jillian
b. Unemployed Robby
c. Mr. Nice Guy Jake
d. HYPO Reid
e. Shady Wes


***Caps from Dreamer at Jokers. Thanks!***


1. b
2. c
3. a
4. e
5. d


Anonymous said...

Hey Jenn! I'm another blogging Jenn :-)

Great recap, you are so funny.

It was hard to tell with the blurring, but I think that black band was the microphone pack.

Naomi said...

Love the quotes. I miss Ed too but I hear we will see him again!

Who's That Girl? said...

Thanks Jenn--what's the url to your blog?

Ah ok microphone pack is probably it, I was thinking it was some very odd thong thing which was really lame--kind of like those old man black band/suspenders that hold up socks ;) LOL!

Who's That Girl? said...


It would appear maybe he joins them at the rose ceremony next episode--either that or he shows up in Spain.


Anonymous said...

It definitely is the mike pack. They wear it around their waists. It looked awesome next to the blurry out package! LOL