Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Dancing With The Stars: The Melissa Season Week 10: Results

TY: Is that bad in ballroom if I almost drop you? Melissa thinks the competition is stiff. But enough about TY! Shawn wants you give her that trophy! NOW! And Gilles, such a dreamer, he dreamed of giving Cheryl...all 10's! Hmm....

Pick a Pro!

Mayo & Kim


Len: Loves it
Bruno: Beautiful frame
CA: Dynamic choreography


CA: Wonderful dancer but versatile enough?
Len: Lacked some wow...
Bruno: Better at ballroom...

Anna & Max


Bruno: Magnificent!
CA: Fantastic!
Len: Elegant!


Len: Should be the one back next season! OR, he'll show his bum in the supermarket!
Bruno: Stunner at ballroom and latin!
CA: Want to see more of you!

Gee, who do you think will be back!?!?

Bottom Two Are: (or are they...)

Ty & Chelsea
Melissa & Tony

ELIMINATED: Ty & Chelsea
MY REACTION: About time!
FINALS PREDICTION: Originally I foresaw a Melissa/Gilles final 2 with Gilles winning. But, it's possible Shawn could edge in there! Mark is popular as her partner! Same time, Melissa has been a big ratings boom for them, so for her to be in the final 2 would work better for ratings! I think Melissa is a better dancer than Shawn--more elegant and smooth. Gilles is very good and is probably the winner as far as best dancer. But Melissa's fans could put her in that top spot--what a triumph for ABC: Loser becomes winner!


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