Friday, May 22, 2009

Dancing With The Stars: The Melissa Season Week 11/Finals Pt 2

Did you see that coming!? Wow, great win for Shawn & Mark. Mark certainly seemed shocked. I don't recall him holding his hands over his mouth and falling on the floor and then running around on stage and then mosh pitting the audience, making out with the judges, and then dancing the tango and then falling over again before uttering "Gee wilikers, we won!" when he won with Kristi Yamaguchi! ;) Did that seem a bit over the top to anyone? Or just genuine shock? Could be shock, as I think most people thought Gilles would win--he was even the judges clear favorite to win. I don't think we saw the judge's reaction once Shawn & Mark won either. But Cheryl & Gilles instantly applauded, they were well prepared and classy about it.

So this is a dance show. It's called Dancing With The Stars in fact. And people actually dance on it! So what the heck was the point of this dude and the roast:

Some of his schtick was funny, other stuff not so funny--more like A W K W A R D! The worst thing about poking fun at people is that some people just can't take it. Enter Celebutards with VERY high opinions of themselves ;) Ha Ha.

Some highlights of the roast:

Bergeron is an old French word for...SEACREST!

The Judges CA, Len, & Bruno are: Smokin', Croakin', and Flamin'. Ha!

He asked the final 3, "Who are you?!" Dancing With The Vaguely Familiar...

Lil' Kim wearing a "bullet-proof vest" just there doing "community service."

Ty danced a "Broke Back Mambo."

Woz's dance was the "Nestle's Quick Step."

Belinda Carlisle was dressed like "A Hooker from Battlestar Galactica."

When Holly Madison hear's "action" she thinks that means "Take Your Clothes Off..."

Something about Steve-O stapling his tongue to the judge's table.

The Final 3: Underaged, Unwed, Unpronouncable.

Shawn Johnson is so short she can't ride some of the rides at Disney Land.

Wouldn't it be ironic if Melissa came in 2nd on this show too?

Pick a Pro!

The winner of the Pick a Pro contest was...ANNA!

Final Dance Scores:

Shawn & Mark

Len: A performer. Technique/precision
Bruno: From cute to sassy!
CA: We all underestimated you!

She's come a long way!

Score: 30
Prediction: It's anyone's game...

Melissa & Tony

Bruno: More appetizing than 1st time. Want's 3rd/4th/5th helpings!
CA: Tony's Muse
Len: Great presence!

Tony feels he got the IDEAL partner--his best season yet!

Score: 30
Prediction: Still thinking it's a 2nd place finish...

Gilles & Cheryl

CA: He's a very special performer, set apart from the rest
Len: Gilles gave him the most pleasure to watch
Bruno: A star is born!

When he first met Cheryl he was wearing a grandpa sweater! Look at him now...

Score: 30
Prediction: Still think he could win!


3rd place goes to...Melissa & Tony

2nd place goes to...Gilles & Cheryl

WINNERS: Shawn & Mark!

MY REACTION: I'm happy no matter who won! Besides's Shawn's cuteness, and wholesome appeal, I think that Mark's fan base is probably pretty huge and he may have gotten a lot of crossovers once Derek & Julienne left to add to it!

I Blogged about this show this season since Melissa was on it and it carried over from my Bachelor/ette Blogs. But, I think I'll continue to Blog on it. I like the show and enjoy the funny highlights, so, see you next season!


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