Monday, May 18, 2009

Dancing With The Stars: The Melissa Season Week 11/Finals Pt 1

I want to be the champion! May the best man win! Melissa & Gilles, you're goin' down! Well the race is on for America's most famous Mirror Ball (well, at least according to Samantha Harris...) In case you were dying to know, Bruno likes to sunbathe in...a spiffy speedo.

Low to High Score Highlights:

Melissa & Tony (& CA)

Len: More convincing
Bruno: Beautiful Drama Queen!
CA: Nailed her marks and made CA proud!

She charged CA and then left her hanging with a high 5...

Score: 29
Prediction: Still seeing a final 2, especially with the fan votes!


CA: Choreography a bit disjointed
Len: Don't get it! Hip hop is not his cup of tea. She's an elegant dancer for GOD'S SAKE!
Bruno: The Running Man

Well even if they don't win and go out with a bang, she sure banged up Tony's eye!

Score: 27
Prediction: Still looking good for final 2? We'll see...

Shawn & Mark (& Bruno)

Paso Face Off:

Len: Excitement, energy!
Bruno: Serial Killer Dexter...
CA: Incredible but less emotion than others...

Bruno was working it!

Score: 28
Prediction: Could make final 2!


Bruno: Explosive Performance!
CA: Cute little jabberwockyette!
Len: I loved it. Mark passes out...

BAM! They looked like Vegas bank robbers according to Tom Bergeron...

Score: 30
Prediction: Will depend on how many fans are voting...

Gilles & Cheryl (& Len)

Paso Face Off:

Len: Full on!
Bruno: Leading Man, Fabulous!
CA: Perfection

He made Len sweat...which is better than Len showing off his bum in a supermarket!

Score: 30
Prediction: Winner! Unless Melissa's fans put her over the top!


Len: You are a real dancer!
Bruno: Want to see more dancing from you...
CA: Odd choice

Um, did we really need to call in a doctor for a BEN GAY patch?! Hell, you can pay me $50.00 to suggest that brilliant bit of common sense ;) haha

Score: 28
Prediction: Still looking good for #1


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