Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Dancing With The Stars: The Melissa Season Week 10

Will it be the Melissa Season through and through? Or will Ty keep ropin' his way into the finals?! What's up with Mark's eyeliner?! Tom Bergeron thinks that Samantha Harris shouldn't bounce too much in her dress...

A Reflection on Breakthrough Dances

Melissa & Tony: Easy things like walking are difficult... They have these little looks to communicate with each other. Awe. Best: Fox Trot & Samba.

Gilles & Cheryl: He faints inside and Len likes to pick on the Frenchie! Plus, Cheryl is a tad on the cranky side as a teacher... Best: Fox Trot & Paso.

Shawn & Mark: Bright & bubbly but serious. Left a handprint on Mark's neck! Best: Quick Step & Paso.

Ty & Chelsea: Wooden robot who can't afford to make any mistakes this week... Best: Quick Step & Lindy Hop.

Low to High Score Highlights:

Ty & Chelsea


Len: Worked hard, struggled, tried
Bruno: Chasing flies and he nearly DROPPED her!
CA: Wobbled, not best...

Something about a pain in the A$$...

Score: 25
Prediction: Should go home


Bruno: Dancing on a tightrope!
CA: Most valuable player of season 8!
Len: Arthur Murray in the ballroom, Murray in a Hurray in the Latin!

He can run with the big dogs! And he never played with toys...

Score: 23
TOTAL: 48/60
Prediction: Still going home!

Melissa & Tony


Len: Feet improved
Bruno: Good but not enough energy!
CA: Not connected to her soul...

My feet are a HOT MESS!

Score: 28
Prediction: Still seeing a final 2 here...


Bruno: Sensational. SHUT UP!
CA: Discombobulated...
Len: Liked it but not as much as he wanted to...

Don't mess with Texas!

Score: 27
TOTAL: 55/60
Prediction: Still sensing final 2...after all, it would be good for ratings...

Shawn & Mark


CA: You delivered!
Len: Most fantastic semi final!
Bruno: Catharine Zeta Shawn!

Mark says, "Why'd you wuss out?!"

Score: 30
Prediction: Could ease into that final 2...


Len: Too much messing about and slapstick...
Bruno: Like it when you go wild!
CA: Lost little steam...

She's a daredevil!

Score: 26
TOTAL: 56/60
Prediction: Probably go 3rd, Melissa works better for ratings...

Gilles & Cheryl


Bruno: That is how to start a race for the finals!
CA: Breathtaking
Len: Sitting down standing O!

He'll think of Lil' Kim when he's practicing...

Score: 30
Prediction: Final 2, will win!


CA: Gilles Marini at his best!
Len: Almost speechless--wishes he has an 11 paddle!
Bruno: Lil' Kim is alive and well and she's hiding in your pants!

His Cannes upbringing has made him the occasional shirtless guy he is today!

Score: 30
TOTAL: 60/60
Prediction: Winner!



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