Thursday, May 7, 2009

Dancing With The Stars: The Melissa Season Week 9: Results

There were visions of blue and spray tans, Ty thinks Mommy Likey, Melissa thinks everyone is AMAZING!, Len's not getting any lovin' at home, and I think for the first time someone asked Samantha Harris for her opinion on their performance! WOW!

Dance Center Funnies with Kenny Mayne, Jerry Rice, and Len:

Ty's secretly a robot sent to destroy mankind, Lil' Kim is so...Lil' but she has some gear in the rear, Shawn's a little chipmunk...awe!, Tony's a bully and a pig to Melissa, and Gilles is prostituting himself with his good looks! And we were graced with Len's (hopefully fake) chest tat and huge gold chains!

Pick a Pro!

Genya was voted out! Booooo!

Afton & Celeb Cody

She taped his face but she brings a nice bright youthfulness to the show!

Mayo & Celeb Lisa

He sure worked with her assets! He can teach an old dog new tricks...

Anna & Celeb Maurice

Brought out the most in her celeb--a miracle worker!

Bottom Two Are: (or are they...)

Ty & Chelsea
Lil' Kim & Derek

ELIMINATED: Lil' Kim & Derek
MY REACTION: Surprised yet not surprised. I figured she'd go by third.


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