Monday, May 4, 2009

Dancing With The Stars: The Melissa Season Week 9

Contenders, pretenders, and 3 Nitpickers! Will it be the Queen Bee, the Young Gun or will the King of the Cowboys save the day? Sunshine's (Bruno) comments are the reason Len is on medication! Was Len just the wet blanket of the west!? And Bruno's got quite a charm school for TRAMPS going on...

Low to High Score Highlights:

Ty & Chelsea


Bruno: Like a Power Ranger!
CA: Come so far!
Len: Best Dance so far...

His Leopard Robe was so shishi for a cowboy!

Score: 25
Prediction: Will go home!


Len: At first a peacock, now a feather duster!
Bruno: He's Kenny Mayne, not Mario Lopez!
CA: Still wooden...

He hopes his solo pays dividends later if you get his drift...;)

Score: 21
TOTAL: 46/60
Prediction: Still going home!

Lil' Kim & Derek


CA: Feels great, sticky floor...
Len: Shocked at quality of the dance!
Bruno: More comfortable with being a TRAMP! (And he meant it nicely!)

What's Latoya Jackson doing there! Oh, that's just Lil' Kim...

Score: 25
Prediction: Could go home, but will likely make semi-finals!


Bruno: Down & Dirty
CA: Never seen someone shake a booty like that!
Len: Spotted Dick & Custard (Ha ha! That funny chap!)

Shake a little salt! Or peppa! That's hot right!? Oh boy...

Score: 27
TOTAL: 52/60
Prediction: Ought to make finals over Ty!

Shawn & Mark


Len: Finally saw some personality!
Bruno: Like sporty spice!
CA: Best dance ever!

Come Hmmmm....Mark like totally broke the rules!

Score: 27
Prediction: Should make finals or go 4th, but not 5th.


CA: Girlfriend, you delivered! And that glare!
Len: Beautiful twists and turns...
Bruno: Got killer instinct!

He made her mad but watch out, Samantha Harris is now on his A$$!

Score: 29
TOTAL: 56/60
Prediction: She's definitely good enough for the finals!

Gilles & Cheryl


Len: Straighten your leg, it's the truth ya buggers!
Bruno: A class of his own!
CA: Something about a man and his hat...

You look like a monster! she's kinda bitchy in training and he's not much of a glider!

Score: 29
Prediction: Final 2, likely winner!


CA: A bit self-indulgent!
Len: Silly walking bit and floor roll...
Bruno: From Showgirls to Ravaged by the Savage!

There's a Latin lover deep inside him! And he's a moonwalker...

Score: 27
TOTAL: 56/60
Prediction: Still a finalist, possible winner!

Melissa & Tony


Bruno: Lighter than air...
CA: Need more torque!
Len: Not so great from the ankles down...

Dang it!

Score: 27
Prediction: Still final 2 possibly!


Len: 100% be in finals!
Bruno: He's so HAPPY!!!!!!
CA: Flawless! Take the week off girlfriend!

She's not technically a celeb so no solo? Something about a boob popping out?

Score: 30
TOTAL: 57/60
Prediction: Still looking good for final 2! But, will the voters carry her all the way home?


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