Thursday, April 23, 2009

Dancing With The Stars: The Melissa Season Week 7

She's AMAZING! ;) Some group dance highlights: Ty's peace out and groovy talk sounded a tad sarcastic, eh;) ha! But he did coin a new dance craze around the nation: The Groovy Rider! And it stank like a bull! The group dance took Lenny back to his old London clubbing days in '64 when he was a sprite lad of just 20. Awe.

Low to High Score Highlights

Lawrence & Edyta

Bruno: Not terrible, but not brilliant
CA: More freedom in movement
Len: Shocked at how well he performed!

You look so good but your technique sucks! Refers to himself as "LT."

Score: 21
Prediction: Bottom 2

Ty & Chelsea

Bruno: Back in the game!
CA: Beautiful frame
Len: More rises and falls than a bride's nightie...Okay....

Jewel says he's a romantic! Here's some wildflowers, hold these!

Score: 24
Prediction: Bottom 2

L'il Kim & Derek

CA: Underwhelmed. Let it rip!
Len: Be still my beating heart!
Bruno: Like a margarita with no tequila! More raunch please!

Rumba baby! Aye carumba!

Score: 26
Prediction: Still final 3

Chuck & Julianne

Len: I liked it A LOT! Best so far!
Bruno: You must want it so badly!
CA: Jumps/High Fives/Kiss!

All I want is a 9!!!!!!!!

Score: 27
Prediction: Final 5 unless keeps improving!

Shawn & Mark

CA: Boppin
Len: Did a good job
Bruno: Cheeky little devil! A young Debbie Reynolds!

Tired and stressed!

Score: 28
Prediction: Final 4 unless keeps improving!

Gilles & Cheryl

Len: Overall great
Bruno: Something about Versaille and sex?!
CA: Most graceful male...

He likes to wear swim suits from the Viennese era...

Score: 28
Prediction: Final 1

Melissa & Tony

Len: Don't touch what you can't afford
Bruno: Something about magic tools and he needs a drink!
CA: Best Argentine Tango

She's a trooper with her bruised ribs!

Score: 29
Prediction: Final 2 unless her Bachelor fans storm the voting!


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