Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Dancing With The Stars: The Melissa Season Week 8: Results

The less clothes the better--according to Chuck...Len would not last in Ty's world...They thought the mirror ball trophy would be nicer...You can find Edyta's earring on sale at eBay!...It's a heart breaker when you can't give 150%...And when Len gives a 9, that's progress!

Pick a Pro:

Bye Bye to Snow and Brent. Her'e some back stage passes to a Chuck Wicks concert as your lovely parting gifts, a spray tan coupon, and some body glitter! Woohoo!

Genya & Afton

Len: Lots energy
Bruno: Personality!
CA: Great partners for celebs!

Mayo & Anna

CA: Surprise, Surprise!
Len: Wrong twice!
Bruno: Everywhere!

Vote for your fav. My prediction: Genya all the way baby!

Bottom Two Are: (or are they...)

Melissa & Tony (as I suspected for drama...)
Chuck & Julianne

ELIMINATED: Chuck & Julianne
MY REACTION: This week or next, he was headed out the door...

Did you catch that hinky stuff at the end?! Chuck starts in on Melissa and her fans since SHE SCORED 5 POINTS LESS, but gives the fans kudos, then starts on the group dance when perky Samantha Harris pops in jokingly "Oh blame the group eh!" So Tom Bergeron jumps in to assure they all go out on a HIGH note. Uh huh, sure...Oh you know some serious ^%$# is going down behind the scenes with those Divas! ;)


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