Monday, April 27, 2009

Dancing With The Stars: The Melissa Season Week 8

Has CA gone blonde!? Injuries abounded--Gilles with his shoulder, Melissa with her rib action. Bruno showed us how to shake it and bake it! Gilles' hair gel scored a 10. And L'il Kim made out with the judges--showering them with air kisses...Plus we figured out Bruno--if he stands up for an ENTIRE critique, it's a 10!

Low to High Score Highlights:

Melissa & Tony

Bruno: 50% is performance/style
CA: Feel terribly, they were marking!
Len: Just marking, not much to work with...

Dangit Tony!

Score: 21
Prediction: They might have them in the bottom 2 tomorrow just to make us sweat it out--but I think they'll continue on!

Ty & Chelsea

CA: Woohoohoo! That was a Salsa!
Len: Wildest of Rides, it's time to hit the trail unless group dance is nailed!
Bruno: Went wild!

When he was like 9 he got so sunburned he had third degree burns! He had to explain the bride's nightie to Chelsea and when she got it, "Eeeeweee!"

Score: 24
Prediction: Should go tomorrow

Chuck & Julianne

CA: Definitely in the game!
Len: It's not how you start, but how you finish!
Bruno: Great bum action!

We're never going to win with this attitude!

Score: 26
Prediction: Might be in bottom 2 but expect them to last at least one more week.

Gilles & Cheryl

Len--French Toast, French Fries, Frenchy Lindy Hoppy
Bruno--Happy Days Are Here Again
CA: Fantastic

Like Jerry Lewis meets country bumpkin!

Score: 27
Prediction: Final 3 for sure, prediction final 2

Shawn & Mark

Len: Good but not good enough. Dress did most of the work.
Bruno: Not Lady Gaga yet but good
CA: Goal isn't to be Lady Gaga! Wonderful!

We got to bounce! Sizzle! Mark can't move like a girl... She swings her arms like baseball bats.

Score: 27
Prediction: Final 5 to 4

L'il Kim & Derek

Bruno: The bitch is back!
CA: Hello! Speaking English...Forte!
Len: Fire and Passion. Not "Oh No!" But "Ole!"

She's back with a vengeance!

Score: 28
Prediction: Might be the one to beat!?

Team Mambo

Lacey for Melissa & Tony, Shawn & Mark, & Julianne & Chuck

Len: Fun, entertainment, good job
Bruno: Shop in the women's department and wear it with pride!
CA: End distracting, music overpowered the dance

They're plan: to one up the shirtless Gilles! Enter the leotards! Or mantards!

Score: 25
Prediction: Melissa needed better!

Team Tango

Ty & Chelsea, L'il Kim & Derek, & Gilles & Cheryl

Bruno: Pack of voracious raptors!
CA: Team Tango takes it!
Len: Gilles' footwork was atrocious but Ty nailed it!

Team Mambo is a bunch of sissies and they're going down! So says Spray Tan Ty!

Score: 28
Prediction: Ty needed that!


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