Thursday, April 23, 2009

Dancing With The Stars: The Melissa Season Week 6

Better late than...never! ;)

First off...Queen Latifa in a bo-ring plaid shirt?!?? There was no cover girl glam about that--Girlfriend knew she was on TV right? ;) CA has taken Tom Bergeron's bang criticisms to note and her bangs were flying high!

Low to High Score Highlights

Steve-O & Lacey

CA: Oddly mesmerizing
Len: Can't confuse movement with dancing, no good!
Bruno: Thank God for Racy Lacy! Charm of a confused puppy. Dancing bad.

He's got a gas problem but he loves his dog. And he can have a romance with himself. Gross!

Score: 16
Prediction: Should be in bottom 2! And go home!

Ty & Chelsea

Len: Charming, bewildered, but does try 100%
Bruno: Line dancing was good, then the jive started. Like a wild animal.
CA: Couldn't find his footing. BUT, he's soooo cute!

Green trampoline + hula hoop=looser hips. Or something like that...

Score: 18
Prediction: Bottom 3 if not bottom 2

Lawrence & Edyta

CA: Got his groove back
Len: His personality has a lighter side!
Bruno: Alive and kicking!

D-----! F-Bomb! It was all down hill until Warren Sapp made a visit...

Score: 22
Prediction: Bottom 3

Chuck & Julianne

Bruno: I'd like some more of that please!
CA: Sexiest number of the night!
Len: More suitable for the bedroom than the ballroom--too raunchy!

Chuck thinks Julianne is a meanie!

Score: 23
Prediction: Last until final 5

Gilles & Cheryl

Len: Frantic
Bruno: Fast & Furious, like a Mad Squirrel!
CA: Arms are weird

Let's go crazy but it's not the Cancan!

Score: 26
Prediction: Final 2, probably final 1

Shawn & Mark

Bruno: Almost angelic, hint of the devil.
CA: Great job
Len: Just right

Awe. She got to go to Prom after all!

Score: 26
Prediction: Final 4, possibly final 3

Melissa & Tony

Len: Fabulous dancer
Bruno: Wants to see Melissa's inner maneater
CA: Emotional quality

He gives her an analogy about a 10-carat diamond ring being on her finger. Ha! She, uh, already gave that back....Oops! Her shirt slogan is a fav: Don't Mess With Texas! Amen to that!

Score: 27
Prediction: Final 2, #2

L'il Kim & Derek

Bruno: I'm guilty, arrest me! Frisk me!
CA: She jumped up flailing about so that she lost her bracelet!
Len: Too much story, not enough jive!

Note her two T-Shirt slogans: "This girl can shop" and "Shopaholics Anonymous."

Score: 28
Prediction: Final 3


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