Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Dancing With The Stars: The Melissa Season Week 5

Len's a stranger in this country and he's quite the podiatrist plus he has peck envy! No booing CA for telling the truth now people! And Bruno is a regular John Travolta on the disco floor!

Low to High Score Highlights

Steve-O & Lacey

Len: Best dance--but don't get overexcited...
Bruno: Marcelle Marceau
CA: Emotional

It's Louise & the Jackass Crew. Or something like that...

Score: 18
Prediction: Should be in the bottom two just because of his voice!

Lawrence & Edyta

Bruno: Prince of Darkness!
CA: Intense
Len: Frightened me, best so far

If he can't feel the music it's like watching TV with the sound off!

Score: 20
Prediction: Bottom 2

Ty & Chelsea

Bruno: Dances like a transformer
CA: Stiff
Len: Not his cup of tea

Chelsea is as close to being a bull rider as Ty is to being a dancer!

Score: 21
Prediction: Stays another 2 weeks at least

David & Kym

Bruno: Like a dog lifting his leg on a lamp post
CA: Disconnected
Len: Story was good

Now he's a contender!

Score: 22
Prediction: Stay another week or two

Chuck & Julianne

Len: Came out of hibernation
Bruno: In command
CA: She's irritated it's not quite coming together!

He will become a great dancer! Or not...

Score: 23
Prediction: Sails by a few more weeks

Melissa & Tony

Len: Excellent dancer, Lacked agression
Bruno: Carmen--a heart breaker!
CA: Little off balance...

No big cheesy grins allowed! And she's too nice for a Paso...

Score: 25
Prediction: Still in final 2

Shawn & Mark

CA: Beautiful
Len: He gets booed for tellin' the truth!
Bruno: Pretty as a picture

She falls a lot in practice...

Score: 26
Prediction: Final 5

L'il Kim & Derek

CA: Beauty
Len: Floating Quality
Bruno: Sassy & Sexy!

She's into her Voodoo board. Or some crazy &^%$ like that...

Score: 26
Prediction: Final 5

Gilles & Cheryl

CA: Breathtaking
Len: Tad hectic and the missing top a bit much
Bruno: Battle for supremacy! Going for the kill! Sexual Tension!

He's hot. That's all I got!

Score: 29
Prediction: Final 2, winners!


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