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There's Just Something About Molly! & The Finale Back Story Breakdown

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Entertainment Tonight had a preview of the next People Magazine cover with Molly and Jason on it! So...what's with the WHITE Saturday Night Fever suit/preacher suit so common to this show! Bachelor Andy Baldwin sported one! Did Brad? Sean from MeAnna's season blinded us with one! Now Jason! Is it the same suit? Is the suit stalking people from this show?!? Will Jillian be freaked out when one of her 25 AMAZING bachelors jumps out of the bushes sporting one of these fashion tear downs!? A side note: good luck to Molly and Jason!


Mike Fleiss says in an interview today, just talk to the 500 people who have done this show who are not under contract anymore and ask them if it's real! Is that a challenge? Reality Steve notes in his Blog today that the contracts these people sign have a telltale lifetime confidentiality clause.

So, perhaps since Fleiss is the Big Kahuna and he owns/runs the show, he just let you all out of your contract?! He just stated on record, that you can talk! So, come, talk, e-mail me or someone like Reality Steve and share your story about being on The Bachelor/ette! Any takers?


Erica's back and she's darn tootin' flabbergasted!

Naomi wanted to punch Jason through the TV and sic Rosie the suicidal dove on his &^%! Scary...

Chris Harrison practiced his talk show interaction with the "angry" audience.

Jason feels he handled it all with integrity! Ooooooh!

Chris Harrison reads a cryptic quote from Melissa who was noticeably absent...

Molly really grilled Jason after the first ATFR--she had 100's of questions for him!

They're best friends and partners in crime! Crime?! Like Bonnie and Clyde. Awe!

Jason's tent makes an appearance and it's all lit up inside--freaky!


So. Lots of theories. Lots of buzz. What about the so-called PLAN?

Conspiracy theories. I'm never one for conspiracy theories much. They are human nature's way of livening up things that are more routine or easily answered. People are attracted to them. We're curious and love a mystery. But is this a case of "where there's smoke there's fire?" And even more pointedly, with so much coming out of the woodwork--sources, multiple e-mails, what's being overly stated, what's understated, and what's not even being said or confirmed plus the timing of everything can mean only one thing. There's one heck of a brush fire blazing around Fleissland!

What to think? Here's what people are buzzing about online - let's take a look at the highlights and possible red herrings...


The show is filmed, ends shortly before Thanksgiving '08.

Show starts airing in January '09. There is no Rose Ceremony Game at ABC.

Just a short time later, on Jan. 18, the ATFR 1 is filmed.

Several days later, Reality Steve gets a bombshell thrown into his lap. He posts about having something big to reveal. He begins to generate buzz and starts giving out clues. Everyone's worked up over what the news is: the shocking finale.

A couple weeks later, right about the time more buzz is starting to pick up, and ABC begins to promote something shocking happening finally, Reality Steve breaks his silence at his Blog and in 3 You Tube videos, telling us all that Jason picks Melissa, dumps her at ATFR 1 and gets with Molly. But the bigger shocker is that it was planned. He knows this because he has a source, but can't reveal proof or he'd reveal his source, so he's stuck.

But then there are these pesky e-mails purportedly between Jason and Melissa that people get wind of, and Reality Steve has them, but he doesn't want to release them, as he'd feel bad. But the e-mails confirm what he believes to be true.

Lots of online squabbling, angry fans, believers and non-believers and in general huge buzz for the show ensues. Lots of theories. WILD theories. We finally see the finale and ATFR 1 and everything Reality Steve said was confirmed--except of course for the back story which ABC does damage control around. The ATFR 2 airs and it's mostly a fluff piece. They're already moving onto the next show with Jillian as the new Bachelorette.

So, what are the red flags that make the back story that Reality Steve revealed seem plausible? Let's take a look:


Early January - No Rose Ceremony Game at ABC:

I figured it was the economy perhaps, having no game, therefore no need to spend $ to give out bags and trips. But now that we know the alleged back story, I think the ABC lawyers got involved. Think about it. If you picked Molly to win in the game, and then Melissa does win, you lose. Or do you? Since Jason ends up picking Molly anyhow. I could just see someone--even if they didn't have much of a case, try to sue or stir up trouble with the final game results. So with such an iffy ending, they just didn't even have a game. Of course they could have protected themselves by saying for the last round of picks, "Who does Jason pick as his final 1 in New Zealand." But trust me, the online sleuthers read stuff into everything. That's never been so blatantly spelled out before, so people would have picked up on it early on so the cat would have been threatened to be let out of the bag earlier than they originally planned. So just avoid all troubles and headaches with no game!

Final One Given Away First Night:

Never before has the final one been shown on the first night. Based upon the screencaps released the first night, everyone narrowed it down to Molly and Melissa as final two, and the final one was a brunette, Molly is blonde. So, total giveaway. Why?

Melissa and Molly's Bachelor Show Edit:

Melissa is fan favorite due to her edit. It's as if they are setting her up to be next Bachelorette if she's not chosen. The theme they repeat over and over for the viewers is, that she's always the dumpee. Setting up sympathy.

Molly's edit is more like a final 2, but not a bad edit.The e-mails circulating the web between Melissa and Jason dated right after the ATFR 1 was filmed, reveal that Molly was not well liked in the house. Her edit showed nothing of this--and normally the one not well liked is the villain and is the big drama in the house. We saw nothing of this. This to me shows that the producers hid this, because they knew eventually Molly would be the final one, so they had to make her look better! So from the beginning they were setting up Molly to have a decent edit, even though Melissa was getting the perfect edit of either final one or next Bachelorette. Fleiss stated in an interview today that Molly was being groomed as the next Bachelorette. Really? Did he fail to edit her for that then? That's quite a stretch!

Remember, the edit is what they want you to perceive and believe. Even if it's not completely accurate. Think about the edit.

New Zealand/Final Rose Ceremony:

Two things stood out. One is that Jason's not a dumb guy. If he really was conflicted and was in love with 2 women, he could have chosen to make his decision at a later time like Bachelor Charlie did or something along those lines. Plus, notice the talk of being in love with two women was mostly done in voiceovers--when were these taped? And after letting go of Molly when he gets upset and runs out onto a balcony, there just happen to be cameras waiting out there and below to catch his reaction, just perfectly timed! Hmm...

The other is Molly being rejected. It's hard to say whether she knew what The Plan was at this point. But based on past final two rejections, I find it interesting all they pretty much showed of her was repeating over and over that Jason made a mistake, he'll regret it. And we harken back to her fantasy date with the 20 questions and one of them being, what if you make a mistake? Is anyone else sensing a THEME here? It's possible those were producer picked questions and that the producers were telling her in her rejection limo ride to talk about mistakes.if she wasn't picked. Plus the looks she was giving him and the almost smiles after having been rejected...Strange...


Jason looked like he was sad, probably at having to go through all of this knowing he'd hurt Melissa. But he didn't look at all like he was into Melissa for someone who was really engaged to her. Just one more thing he had to get through. See if this was all a Plan, then in his eyes, I'm sure he didn't feel like he was cheating with Molly, since he was "fake engaged" to Melissa in the first place? Not sure...

And as for Melissa--she looked like she knew it was coming. Jason references their recent talks as him saying things were different, so I think she knew this was coming to some degree, but was still upset. She brought up Molly, stated he was lying. I think there was more to this before/after/during which we didn't see.

Further if they'd had a real relationship, don't you find it strange, that Jason didn't even give us (or her) a reason for the break up, no laundry list, just things are different/changed. No in-depth explanation given. Strange?

And the record spit swapping switcheroo with Molly after Melissa leaves the set! Molly is so quick to take him back and kiss him without having any contact? Not sure I buy that. Looking at it from another angle. If they really didn't have contact and this was all a plan anyhow, then they were still together so their acting like that in a matter of minutes, isn't a shock is it?! Either way you look at it, it's fishier than Mary and Byron at a bass fishing tournament!


Reality Steve's First Source:

This source e-mails him a couple of days after the ATFR 1 tapes in January. They reveal what happens in January at the FRC & ATFR 1 plus the back story a.k.a. The Plan.

Reality Steve's Second Source:

Someone sends Reality Steve copies of private e-mails between Jason and Melissa which were dated right after the ATFR 1 was filmed in January, which he confirms are real, but doesn't want to reveal them.

When Reality Steve hems and haws in this morning's Blog over whether to release the e-mails this week and says he'll make his decision in a day or two, low and behold, they're everywhere out there! Someone goes ahead and releases them on the web, Myspace, and to entertainment sites like Access Hollywood. Click here for the text of these e-mails!

Highlights of these e-mails: Melissa references getting so heated at the ATFR 1, that she's apologizing! What we saw wasn't terribly heated, no real yelling/anger venting, so I'm wondering if they edited some of this out--perhaps because she makes accusations the show didn't want you to hear? Or she may have gone more into Jason/Molly seeing each other and the show didn't want you to hear that. Why? Because these e-mails reference Jason and Molly seeing each other not being a "secret." So apparently Melissa must have heard about some things going on behind the scenes. And to add fuel to the fire, the e-mails note that Molly was not well liked among the girls, an edit we were never shown! And Jason basically says the producers made him do it! And they both talk about not trusting the producers--hmm.....

One thing for sure, these e-mails seem to confirm that Melissa didn't realize The Plan at that time--just a day or two after ATFR 1 was filmed. But when did she? She must have realized it at some point, as she apparently refused to do the ATFR 2, and if she had been a part of The Plan like some have theorized, she would have been there playing her part, and she wasn't. That's telling!

Melissa obviously was the intended next Bachelorette based upon the edit, but she didn't play along apparently. They gave Jillian a great edit, so she was a great fall-back Bachelorette!

Reality Steve's Third Source:

He notes in his Blog on March 3rd--and copies this for you to read, that 1 week ago, an e-mail from someone associated with someone at ABC sends a "memo" list which confirms--before the finale ever airs, what goes down, and The Plan, and who knew. It apparently was formed at around final 5. And Jason went along with it because he was told that Melissa would come out well, be popular, and be the next Bachelorette!

Who knew? Jason, Fleiss, and a guy named Martin. DING DING! Martin is mentioned in the e-mails between Melissa and Jason as copied onto several websites and this WordPress Blog! The Access Hollywood copies have this name erased. But the link between those e-mails which have been out there for some time with this mysterious guy named Martin and the mentioning of him in the recent 3rd source e-mail are further curiosities!


Why the leaks to Reality Steve if this whole thing was planned from the beginning--or at least by final 5? And the 3rd e-mail leak last week to Reality Steve confirming everything? Were they planned in some surreal sort of way?

Seems to me the e-mail sent last week from the third source makes sense why the first leak came to Reality Steve after ATFR 1 was taped. Someone who was at the FRC filming and bought into the whole Jason/Melissa romance (remember Chris Harrison said the crew was totally into it and rooting for them!), and may have felt their job at the "no-marriage Fleiss Capades" known as The Bachelor (or The Bastard in certain online circles), was vindicated, finally a true romance, finally one that will succeed for the show once and for all! And instead, they get home from filming and reality hits big time when everyone is let in on the deal--The Plan. Further sickened by the ATFR 1 turn of events and all the lies and Melissa's pain, this source broke their silence and let Reality Steve in on the truth. Maybe this is how it went down?


His story is he fell in love with 2 women. He picked one, it didn't work out. He changed his mind. If this is the case, think about how bad they must feel right now with all this drama surrounding the show? Unfortunately, the way everything was handled, leads one to think the opposite--that and the e-mails, the sources, etc. It's one for the books, that's for sure!


Oh the drama! BUT, remember, we weren't supposed to know the back story! So clear your minds for a minute! If we had just watched it without knowing the back story, we would have seen a very confused guy who was in love with 2 girls who tried it with one, it didn't work out so he had to break it off and go with the one he really wanted after all. Instead, we watched everything with a watchful knowing eye, and so it made it all that much worse.

Those who didn't know the back story or the shocker ending are ALSO upset that Jason dumped Melissa for Molly and that he did it on TV! So even if the back story had never been revealed OR even if there was no back story and this was all real, Jason is still not coming out smelling like a rose no matter the scenario. And the powers that be are totally putting it off on him, saying it was his decision, his choice. So bottom line, he's the villain in all of this. And the sad thing is, that he wanted Molly and could have had a "fairytale ending" but for The Plan being hatched. He could have come out smelling like roses. The e-mails between Jason and Melissa referenced not trusting the producers--apparently a lesson learned the hard way! Any other villains--can't be proven completely as to their role in it all...

The taint. So The Plan - Did it succeed? A ratings winner? Apparently! The publicity is doing wonders! Now everyone's trying to do damage control from Fleiss to Chris Harrison to Jason himself. And most people online who are in the know are not buying it. Question is, will they buy into future seasons or will they tune in just for the entertainment value and/or the drama to come? No matter, if Fleiss gets viewers to keep tuning in, he's still a step ahead of the game because although Jason's stuck under the bus, the producers are moving on over that hurdle to the next show and the buzz will get ratings going. That's the bottom line in that business!

Perhaps the burning question on some of our minds, is whether or not the powers that be will pull these same kind of alleged shenanigans with future shows now that viewers are more publicly starting to catch on? Or does it even matter? Because many will tune in anyhow for the drama and the soap opera of it all! Stay tuned...Bachelorette Jillian premieres May 18! Hot Dogs and all!


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