Thursday, March 5, 2009

PT 3: Interview With REALITY STEVE

Q & A

Now that The Bastard: Jason is now over and we've all been "Mesnicked" (would you believe it's now in the Urban Dictionary?! PS: Shouldn't "Fleissed" also be in there?!), I threw a few follow up questions Reality Steve's way. After getting such a bombshell thrown into his lap, getting fans all into a tizzy with his clues and spoilers, and now being vindicated with the airing of the finale of all Bachelor finales, I wanted to get his take on the ending and the aftershocks. In a poll at this Blog asking "Do You Believe Reality Steve's News?" there were 927 votes and these results: 72% yes, 9% no, and 17% weren't sure.

Maybe if "Mr. Big Shot" (that was a compliment people!) isn't too busy during Jillian's season fielding interviews from reporters, receiving lots of good spoiler e-mails, and petting Maddie, we'll see about getting him to do this again!

It's funny, I noted in a preview Blog entry before the show started and then in my first episode Blog, the following comments and I promise I'm not psychic: "Perhaps we should expect the unexpected!" and "Thanks to ABC for bringing us this gem once again--it's like the 13th time! Could that be a charm or a jinx!?" Boy did I totally not realize anything near what was thrown at us!


JENN: Now that it's all over, and you've achieved a vindication of sorts, how do you feel? What do you have to say to those who don't buy it all?

STEVE: Yeah, I feel vindicated, but it's not like I was watching the finale in hopes of what I said would turn out to be right. I wasn't guessing as to how I thought this season turned out. I was told by people in the know what happened. Big difference. So for me, it was always just a matter of time that something I spent six weeks teasing would end up being proven right.

I get that people don't want to buy the set up thing, and Jason was told to do this and agreed to it. I get some people don't want to believe that. I just wish they would think outside the box for a bit and realize this is TV, and "reality TV" at that, so anything is possible. Plus, is it that far fetched to believe my story, when everything else I've said since January has turned out to be true. My sources haven't been wrong about much, if anything, to this point. So why can't people take that next leap and believe this was planned?

JENN: Would you do it all over again--post your information and reveal the shocking ending and the back story? Would you have done anything differently?

STEVE: Good question. Ummmm, I definitely would've released the information early again. No doubt. I'm just trying to think of what or how I'd do it differently. Maybe make the You Tube videos shorter. Other than that, I'm pretty happy with the way things went down. Bottom line was, I wanted to ruin ABC's "shocking" ending, and I did.

JENN: Based upon what your sources revealed, in watching the Finale and the ATFR 1 and 2, did you pick up on anything interesting or did anything really stand out to you that was telling?

STEVE: The only thing I was told that wasn't really shown was that at the ATFR 2 taping Molly told everyone she wasn't pregnant. They never showed that. And the big thing now is that Jason and Melissa are both admitting their relationship was over before the ATFR 1 taped, which I think is even more proof this thing was planned. Ok, so if you guys were already broken up, why did you then have to "re-enact" it on TV. I mean, it's almost better if they stuck with the "Jason dumped her on TV" story, since then, as appalling as it was, you could've played off as somewhat spontaneous. Now they're saying they were already done before the filming even happened? Makes no sense.

JENN: Did you get the impression that it seemed like Melissa knew what was coming at the ATFR 1? From what your sources revealed, was there more of a breakdown by Melissa at Jason over being dumped than we were shown?

STEVE: I believe Melissa was a little more upset than was shown.

JENN: In those e-mails between Jason and Melissa now all over the Internet, she references that Molly was not popular in the house. We weren't shown that edit. Had you heard much about this from your sources or Megan who you interviewed?

STEVE: Megan did reference it in the interview. Didn't necessarily say Molly wasn't popular in the house, just said that she was the one girl that really didn't open up to anyone and seemed a little too cool for the process.

JENN: From your sources, did they indicate that Jason and Molly were really happy together and that aside from all this drama, they might actually work out? Are they the something real we can get out of this show?

STEVE: If you hear Chris Harrison and Mike Fleiss talk about it, it's like these two are the happiest couple on the planet. Could it work out? Sure it could. Will it? I have my doubts. And why shouldn't I? Jason seems to be the most fickle man on the planet.

JENN: Are you going to rise to Fleiss's challenge and see about contacting any of those 500 former contestants who are apparently "out of their contract" and would tell the truth?

STEVE: Well, no one is technically "out of their contract" because they sign a LIFETIME confidentiality agreement to never reveal the show secrets.

JENN: Anything else you want to add or ponder about?

STEVE: I just want to thank all my loyal readers who stuck with me through this different season. I mean, once I broke the news, my column completely changed, and for the better I think. But there will be some that disagree. I do agree the comments got way out of hand, but they did get way more posts than I usually do, and with the fact that the website is now getting some national attention, advertisers look to be coming on board, I think I'm gonna be writing a lot more. So it's a win-win all around.



A weekly parody of "Bachelor Survivor" will debut next week plus other interesting thoughts to ponder as we lead up to Jillian's Bachelorette show and perhaps a few AMAZING things!



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