Monday, March 30, 2009

Dancing With The Stars: The Melissa Season Week 4

There's no crying in ballroom! Bruno is a tan Bella Lugosi, Samantha Harris is going through puberty, Len is known as Little Lenny Hard Butt, Geeks riding on segways shall inherit the earth, and don't forget to kiss your guns for good luck! What a show:)

Low to High Score Highlights:

The Woz & Karina

CA: Ultimate underdog. The leg rub was hot. (NOT!)
Len: Admires the spirit
Bruno: Stench! Stunk!

"I'm still standing!" Nah nah nah nah nah! Okaaaay...

Score: 12
Prediction: Should be in bottom two!

Steve-O & Lacey

CA: Be a Leader!
Len: No timing
Bruno: More hopping mad than lindy hop!

He's stressed! He's screaming! His voice is grating! Make it stop!

Score: 15
Prediction: In bottom 3

Holly & Dmitry

Bruno: Drop the Barbie!
CA: No strength!
Len: His routine was good. Dance not so much.

Holly is one nervous giggler! Uggh!

Score: 16
Prediction: In bottom 3

Lawrence & Edyta

Len: Heavy
Bruno: Menacing!
CA: He's afraid of Edyta's sensuality...

What do you got to do to get an 8 around here!? Apparently not this dance...

Score: 19
Prediction: Will survive next week!

David Alan & Kym

Len: Fun, energy, flavor!
Bruno: Full of energy!
CA: Kicked up the energy!

U Really Like ME!

Score: 22
Prediction: Will survive next week.

Chuck & Julianne

CA: Safe but cute!
Len: Regroup and focus!
Bruno: Pizza to go please! More crispy!

He's afraid to...fall on his head! Totally...

Score: 22
Prediction: Will survive another week.

Ty & Chelsea

Bruno: A young stallion!
CA: He's a dancer!
Len: Hot dog and darn my britches!

She needs to wear shorter dresses!

Score: 25
Prediction: Will survive another week or two!

Shawn & Mark

Bruno: Spectacular feast of tricks and gymnastics!
CA: Nice pants Mark!
Len: Too many tricks...

Flips and tricks are up her alley! And someone needs to wear a cup--Holy Cow!

Score: 25
Prediction: Final 4 and then some

L'il Kim & Derek

Bruno: Tale of fatal beauty
CA: Looked 4" taller
Len: Knocked him out with the choreography!

They're such laughers!

Score: 27
Prediction: Final four!

Melissa & Tony

Len: Potential to go all the way!
Bruno: Eye-popping fun
CA: A high fives festival

Toilet paper on the shoe trick--classy!

Score: 29
Prediction: Final 2

Gilles & Cheryl

CA: Fanning herself, out of breath...
Len: Best so far!
Bruno: Quintessential Latin Lover
CA: Holy Cow! Geeze Louise!

He's hot!

Score: 30
Prediction: Final 2


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