Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Dancing With The Stars: The Melissa Season Week 2: Results

250 shows and Bruno still can't get the paddles right! Either that or red circle=6 in Tonioli...

I enjoyed Cameron Mathison's tips for contestants which included:

Don't trip down stairs
Psyching out your competitors

Sucking up to judges

Spray tans!

The first dance off was between Gogo & Woz:

Belinda & Johnathan

Len: Little more hip action
Bruno: We really feel for you...
CA: Oh no!

That's quite a handstand...

Score: 17 (1 point lower than last night!)

Woz & Karina

Bruno: You're not a good dancer but I love watching you!
CA: Better tonight.
Len: Best for fun and entertainment

Something apparently happened during the middle (?!?!?) according to CA...?!?!?

Score: 17

ELIMINATED: Belinda & Johnathan
MY REACTION: There she gogooooos!


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