Monday, March 9, 2009

Dancing With The Stars: The Melissa Season Week 1

Was it not the Night of Melissa anyone? They held off on her dance until the last one, knowing they'd keep the audience tuning in and the ratings up! ABC geniuses at work...

I enjoyed this opener show, and of my top predicted 6, they're pretty much the top 6 at this point (except for Denise who was not as good as I thought...) score wise, time will tell how the fans vote. I was not expecting David Alan Grier to be as good. I figured Steve Wozniak would be a train wreck and that Ty would be a bit stiff - he's a manly man after all! I've never really voted much during the show. I enjoy watching it, but not so much getting into the voting and the boards online. We'll see about changing that this season and voting a bit more!

Low to High Score Highlights:

Steve Wozniak & Karina

Len: Held his attention but a total disaster!
Bruno: Like a teletubby going mad at a gay pride parade!
CA: Went for it...

He likes to take 5 minute thinking breaks. Nice black rehearsal socks! And the pink feather boa was a hoot!

Score: 13

Ty Murray & Chelsie

Bruno: Like an Army drill
Len: He did come out and try...
CA: One CUTE cowboy!

He roped the DWTS trophy! Jewel was laughing at him in the audience. And did UberPERKY Samantha Harris yell out a big "YEE HAW!" for us!?

Score: 14

Lawrence Taylor & Edyta

CA: More offense--get down and dirty!
Len: A casual approach...
Bruno: Attack it!

Lawrence doesn't like man heels! And what's up with all those wide-legged work out pants!?

Score: 16

Steve-O & Lacey

Len: No Jackass here but not quite the ticket...
Bruno: Big pile 'o slapstick!
CA: Oddly mesmerizing...

He's very Caucasian, can't keep a beat and has tiny ankles! But he wanted to put his foot in the waltz's butt!

Score: 17

Belinda Carlisle & Jonathan

Bruno: Julie Andrews morphs into Cloris Leachman
CA: Let Jon lead!
Len: Overall good job

She needs a bucket, cause she's a dizzy girl when on the gogo!

Score: 17

Denise Richards & Maksim

CA: Looked terrified...
Len: Too loose. (Tell Heather Locklear about it...)
Bruno: Something about losing it and finding it !?

She likes bad boys and Maksim is her little Maxie-Poo!

Score: 18

Holly Madison & Dmitry

Len: Not bad, but...
CA: Like a newborn deer with wobbly legs
Bruno: Easy on the eyes a plus!

She only had 1 week to prepare. I think she's gonna need more..

Score: 18

David Alan Grier & Kym

Bruno: 4 or 5 characters (is 3 or 4 characters too much)
CA: Face a distraction...
Len: His bum sticks out a bit!

Kym doesn't get his jokes and he's planning to fight dirty!

Score: 19

Chuck Wicks & Julianne

Bruno: Easy man. Easy.
Len: Bizarre posture.
CA: Most graceful man in a long time on the show!

Definitely smooth, but don't tell Julianne what to do!

Score: 20

L'il Kim & Derek a.k.a Black Barbie & Ken (Her words, not mine people!)

Len: 1st Class
Bruno: Nasty but tasty
CA: First night jitters

She dedicated her dance to...the ladies at the Federal Detention Center...

Melissa Rycroft & Tony

Len: One door closes, another one opens!
Bruno: That Bachelor guy is a LOSER!
CA: Beautiful dancer but don't take this competition lightly!

Uh huh! They totally replayed the break-up between Melissa and Jason to boos from the crowd!

Score: 23

Shawn Johnson & Mark

CA: Elegance, truly moved by her dancing
Bruno: Beware of Gymnastic Arms!
Len: Fantastic!

She's the youngest competitor ever!

Score: 23

Gilles Marini & Cheryl

CA: Fire and Bravado!
Bruno: Clothes on or off, he can strut his stuff!
Len: Absolutely fabulous!

He's feminine and he doesn't have much of a fan base. Oh boy...

Score: 24


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