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PT 2: Interview With REALITY STEVE


Now that we've piqued your interest about my fellow blogger Reality Steve with part one of this interview posted last week, it's time to dish some dirt and get to the bottom of things. He made a pretty shocking announcement last week about the finale of Bachelor 13: That Jason picks Melissa and then dumps her at the ATFR 1 following the finale. But the BIGGER shocker of them all? That this may have been planned from the get go!

I'm not going to tell you what to believe, but read what Steve has to say. Regardless of what the outcome of this show is or what went on behind the scenes, I will say one thing about the Bachelor: it's AMAZING! It brings people together, sets them apart, and gets people really fired up! The show itself, the contestant's interactions once the camera turns off, and the online community of fans are all a great social entity that makes for interesting study! And I think we can all agree on that.


JENN: I want to focus on 2 previous seasons of this show for a couple of questions. First, Bachelor Brad's season. Do you have any interesting inside information or thoughts that might sum up Brad's season you'd like to share with us? Anything you have "reason to believe" ?

STEVE: No real inside information on Brad, other than the whole "we flew DeAnna's parents in because you asked us to" was complete BS. Brad never asked them that and I felt it was unfair for him to get crucified publicly. Just another case of editing and manipulation on ABC's part.

JENN: So DeAnna gets rejected and becomes the next Bachelorette. Do you have any interesting inside information or thoughts that might sum up DeAnna's season you'd like to share with us. Anything you have "reason to believe" ?

STEVE: I have reason to believe DeAnna's season was a complete farce. And if there weren't contracts and gag orders and $5 million threats being floated over peoples heads, you'd hear a lot more about how that whole season really played out. It was a joke. Unbelievable. She's the biggest phony on the planet. Can you tell I'm a big fan of DeAnna's?

JENN: You have reason to believe DeAnna's season was a farce. Do you think Jason came onto D's show knowing he wouldn't be picked but would be set up to be the next Bachelor? Or do you think that transpired later? Any more theories on this one?

STEVE: I think it might have transpired later in the show. I'm starting to believe more and more now that the theory that DeAnna picked Jesse so that they could have Jason as the next Bachelor. It just doesn't make any sense otherwise.

JENN: I missed out on a lot of post season gabbing about DeAnna's season. Apparently, and I was aware of this in the very end of that season, there was an issue with flowers in the final rose ceremony. They appeared in some shots, disappeared in others. There's a board online that had a whole several months long in depth CSI style hash out over this and other things. I didn't see any of this or read it but got the gist of it about a month ago. There were some things in the shots--some where DeAnna's hair was a bit different, some where the dress was looser on her and she appeared a bit thinner, others where her dress was tighter and she appeared heavier. Jesse's hair different, blah blah, blah. But the gist was that there was clearly a re-shoot. Why is the real question. The most accepted theory: DeAnna picks Jason, something happens to change her or his or both of their minds. They do a re-shoot to save face and she picks Jesse, carrying on that farce for a couple of months until they break up. Thus setting up Jason in the eyes of the viewers as the poor pitiful single dad left heartbroken and now the next Bachelor to get a chance to fall in love again. Did you ever get any inside information to that and what are your thoughts on this? Anything you have "reason to believe" ?

STEVE: That one I noticed on my own while watching. I had it saved on my Tivo for 6 months because I couldn't believe no one was talking about it more, but then it kinda lost steam so I stopped looking into it. But there was definitely something different about how that whole final rose ceremony shook down between Jason and Jesse. And I've heard the rumors that the picking of Jesse was done purposely so that Jason could be the next Bachelor. Yet another thing I can't really prove, but I believe there's a lot of truth to.

JENN: Let's turn to focus on Jason's show for the rest of our questions. So Jason is rejected in some manner on DeAnna's season--depending on which theory you read. He's set up to be the next Bachelor. Did you approach this season to begin with, thinking this guy was the real deal and had a chance at love and it might actually be a good season of a real love story? Or were you expecting it to be no different than past shows?

STEVE: Go back and read what I wrote when he was first cast. I was sold. I thought, "Finally, someone without an agenda to get into Hollywood, someone real, and a single dad that everyone feels sorry for." Oops.

JENN: You got a tip in January about the ATFR pt 1 that was shot. This formed the basis for your revealing information in the 3 video Blogs and your recent Blog. You have reason to believe that the real back story which ABC won't show us--is that Jason wanted Molly all along and just chose Melissa as a ruse going along with producers to break up with her at ATFR and then possibly get engaged at ATFR 2. How is your source connected with the show?

STEVE: Can't answer how my sources are connected with the show, if at all. Just know that these people know stuff and have no reason to lie to me. And as I said in the video and the column, this is what I believe. People don't have to believe this along with me. There will be plenty who say, "Hey, maybe the guy just changed his mind." And that's fine. They can believe that. But I will continue to believe until the day I die that Jason was put up to this and was just doing what he was told. And no one will convince me otherwise.

JENN: Why did the source come to you? Has this same source come to you before in past shows or was this the first you heard from this source? What do you know to be or think their motivation was in coming to you?

STEVE: Nope. This completely fell into my lap this season. The only other story that I broke in Bachelor history was I was the first to report Meredith and Ian broke up. And that fell into my lap to because I knew someone who was close with Ian and they told me.

JENN: Did it ever cross your mind that this source might be feeding you inaccurate information?

STEVE: Nope. Never. And I'm not saying that being naive, I'm saying that's how much I completely trust my sources.

JENN: Do you have any idea why the show's producers would want to go with this storyline? You said something about a love story is not what viewers want--at least according to the powers that be. But I've seen countless posters online over the years say that's what they want. After all, in DeAnna's season, they didn't pull this kind of switcheroo, they just possibly re-shot the finale. Why not just do that here? What are your theories on this?

STEVE: Let's face it, no one wants to see the favorite from episode 1 last all the way til the end, and have a fairytale wedding. That's boring. We're in an age of "shock" TV. This show is 0-for-12 in producing a wedding. Mike Fleiss and company cannot possibly expect people watch his show for a love story. So, they do what they have to do to keep things interesting. And boy do I believe they did this season.

JENN: When do you think Molly found out she was really F1?

STEVE: I don't have a definitive answer to that one. I honestly don't know. From what I can gather, she was not in on it. She did not know until the ATFR taped that that's possibly how it could've ended up. But I could be wrong.

JENN: They've stressed it quite a few times in CH's Blog and on the show--that Jason is not a very good actor. Hmmm. Interesting "coincidence." Do you think any of his scenes with Melissa were just total acting or do you think he had a natural attraction to her and so it was easy to pretend? Why do you think the producers were so enamored of Melissa to want her to be the not so final 1?

STEVE: I think he had an attraction to her. Who wouldn't? She's a very likable girl. I have no idea why the producers decided to make her a pawn in their game this year. She doesn't deserve it and I feel awful for her. The only thing I can think of is that they wanted America to feel sorry for her (a la DeAnna), so they could cast her as the next Bachelorette. But as far as I know, that's not gonna happen. If you were her, would you do it after what they did to you? Or are going to do to you when the finale airs on March 2nd? I sure as hell wouldn't trust them.

JENN: If you honestly had to guess, in your opinion, why do you think Jason went along with the producers and would do this to Melissa? Do you really think it wasn't that he really picked her, changed his mind, so the producers decided to have him break up with her on the ATFR for TV and then get with Molly? What leads you to believe that it happened way before that? That during the filming of the show, that Jason really wanted to be with Molly so they concocted the plan for him to lead on Melissa?

STEVE: My sources. Best way I can answer that. I do not believe he had a change of heart after 2 months, which is what I'm guessing ABC will present it as. It's up to everyone else whether they want to believe what I believe or not.

JENN: What is your opinion of Jason? Fleiss? Chris Harrison?

STEVE: Jason: Was manipulated by ABC and fell into their trap. Only was doing what he was told, even if it meant hurting someone badly in the process. Signed a deal with the devil the minute he agreed to be the Bachelor. Fleiss: People will probably be surprised by this. Genius. He's smarter than a lot of people give him credit for and he's good at what he does. Chris Harrison: Seems like a guy you could have a few beers with and he'd have stories for ages. A little vanilla, not given much to work with in his role, but pulls it off as well as he can.

JENN: Do you think this revelation will lead to the demise of The Bachelor franchise? Do you hope it does?

STEVE: My favorite question. Absolutely not. The funniest part about all this in the last 48 hours for me is listening to all these people scream, "That's it! I'm done with this show! I can't believe they did this!" Please. Get off your high horse. These people will be front and center when March 2nd rolls around for two reasons. #1 – they want to see this all play out. And #2 – a lot want to see me fail. There are plenty of people out there who'd like nothing more than for me to be proven wrong. But when I'm not, I'm guessing I won't be getting any apologies from them either.

JENN: Have you been contacted by ABC about any of your inside info?

STEVE: Nope. And I don't expect to be. I'm not a former contestant. I've never worked for, nor am I currently employed by either ABC or one of their competitors. I'm not contractually obligated to anyone. And I didn't break any copyright laws. I don't see how a guy and his dog talking into a camera expressing his "opinion" can get me into trouble.

JENN: Do you have any other inside info you plan to share with your readers and fans of the show regarding this current B13 show?

STEVE: Not yet. Still working on a couple of things. Could be a doozy next week, so stay tuned.

JENN: How do you think this information will change the way you Blog about the show in the future, if they do continue to have future installments?

STEVE: Actually, it'll go back to the basics next season. Just me making fun of it like I always do. I mean, before this season I knew the final four and order of elimination, but I usually do every season. I don't consider that much of a spoiler. What happened this season is definitely a shocker, hence the reason Fleiss and Chris Harrison were pumping it up. But man, next season? With no clues to give out, or dirt to spill, it's back to the old grind. This info has been a godsend for the site in terms of viewership and notoriety, no doubt. And I'm the biggest tool on the planet for not capitalizing on it monetarily.

JENN: If they do continue this series, what do you think they will do to top the shocker in this current show? If you were the Big Kahuna Fleiss, what would you do?

STEVE: Well, they hit the pinnacle this season. Nothing can top this. Outside of a pregnancy or something. Or a murder from some past contestant. But that's pretty morbid. Wouldn't hope for something like that.

JENN: If you were asked by The Bachelor/Fleiss or some other network for a similar show, to be the next Bachelor, would you do it?

STEVE: Oh god no. No interest whatsoever. First off, I don't fit the profile of the type of guy they cast on the Bachelor. I'm 33, I have a job that isn't ritzy, I have a receding hairline, and I don't have a 12 pack abs. Plus, do you honestly think they'd cast "Reality Steve"? Please. I've been making fun of their show for 15 seasons, why the hell would they ever put me on it? I'm having too much fun writing about it anyway. So no, I'd never do it.

JENN: So you wouldn't go on TB. Is there another reality show you'd love to go on if you could?

STEVE: I have no interest in being on any reality TV show. Hell, it was tough enough to look at myself on those You Tube videos.

JENN: Do you follow any of the other Blogs out there? Do you follow the various forums--Jokers, FORT, etc..? Or do you just generally get the gist of what's going on through your Blog comments or people e-mailing you?

STEVE: Not until this season, and specifically, not until after I started giving out the clues. I just wanted to see what people were guessing. I visit more TV/entertainment sites than I do blogs every day.

JENN: If you could pick any former Bachelor/ettes or contestants to interview, who are you dying to talk to and why?

STEVE: Brad Womack. And he knows it. We were all set to do an interview during this past summer, but he just said he wanted to put everything behind him and move on.

JENN: Are you aware of how long these people are under contract to ABC/Fleiss? Surely there is someone from a long ago show now out of their contract who would be willing to talk about the process to you and what really goes on? Maybe Chelsea will be able to chat sometime soon in the future? Would you consider pursuing interviews with any of these people? And by chance, do you have any planned interviews in the works?

STEVE: I believe they're under contract for a year after their finale airs. But I don't know necessarily what that entails, because some former contestants don't seem to adhere by that, whereas some completely shut down. It's weird. I mean, I think the fact that they are so closely monitored with contracts and threats of lawsuits pretty much tells you all you need to know about this show. If everything was real, and everything was on the up and up, why wouldn't anyone be able to interview Melissa and ask, "Hey, so what really happened?" Because they don't want people to know what goes on "behind the curtain", that's why.

JENN: Yet a funny but semi-serious question: Have you thought about creating a 12-Step Reality Steve Bachelor Program for those who are way too obsessed with this show?

STEVE: No, but I probably should. Could probably make some money off that.

JENN: Is there any question or questions that with all these e-mails and interviews, that no one is asking you that you're surprised they aren't? Any further comments you want to make?

STEVE: None that I can think of. I think you pretty much covered everything outside of what my social security and bank account numbers were...ha ha!



After conducting the interview and posting part 1, there seemed to be a lot of extra confusion on the boards popping up in the fallout over Reality Steve's big revelation. It seemed like there was a lot of confusion and spin, and theories, and even rumors about what Reality Steve was saying. So, I wanted to make it clear for everyone--and myself--just what's fact and then what's speculation. I didn't really break this down in my interview questions so I'd like to try this angle for everyone.

The gist of where Reality Steve stands, is that his source told him what went down and whatever they told him led him to believe it happened the way he explained it. The fact that he can't prove it is that he doesn't have tangible evidence other than the e-mails which he doesn't feel right in revealing. He just has what he heard from his source who he confirmed as reliable--and whose information should be confirmed next Monday, March 2nd. And without revealing his source, he's kind of stuck at people just taking him at his word. But he is resolute in stating that even 30+ years from today, he will still firmly believe that everything happened as he opines.

JENN: Let's take a minute to break it down for people. There's so much misinformation, speculation, theories, and people trying to figure out what you've Blogged about to the point it's really gotten out of hand. I think it would be great for all of us to just break it down and separate the fact from the speculation--your own and others.

STEVE: Here's the main problem with where everything stands right now: All the stuff I've speculated about (planned from the beginning, Jason doing what he was told to do, etc), I can't prove. And ABC will never admit to it, because that basically would put an end to the show as we know it. When I came out in January with my "exclusive" news, that news was the shocker about the ATFR 1 already being taped, Jason dumps Melissa, and is now with Molly. That's the only "fact" in all of this. And on March 2nd, that will be proven correct. HOW they go about getting to that outcome is beyond me, but now that its leaked, they will do their best to spin. Everything else is something I will believe til the day I die, that Jason was told to do this, and he was just following orders. Can I prove it? No. But that is what I will believe from here on out based on the information I was given. I'm presenting as much evidence to back that up as possible without revealing my sources. People can choose to believe along with me or not.

Until there is a sit down interview with Fleiss/Jason/Melissa/Molly and one of them agrees to spill the truth about everything, this will all be he said/she said til the end of time. And that's never going to happen. The fact that these people remain under ABC's contract for a year after the show airs and are basically ABC's little slaves, I think shows a lot about what this show is about. Why do that if there's nothing to hide? Why wouldn't I be able to do a tell all interview with Melissa the day the show ends and have her tell me what really went down? Because ABC doesn't want you getting "behind the curtain."

My biggest evidence or "proof" in all of this, is this email exchange I have between Melissa and Jason, the day after the ATFR 1 taped. It basically confirms EVERYTHING I've been preaching about this show, but I can't release it. I'd feel like scum. It was a private conversation between those two and I don't feel right releasing it, even if I "X"'ed out the email addresses.

JENN: So based upon your inside info/source, tell us:
Do you know for a fact that the producers had this plan from the beginning of filming The Bachelor, to have Jason dump F1 and have Jason pick F2 at the 1st ATFR show?

STEVE: Do I know this for a fact? No. But this is what I believe happened based on what I've been told.

JENN: Do you know for a fact that Jason agreed to go along with the producers to pick Melissa even though he really wanted Molly?

STEVE: Do I know this for a fact? No. But this is what I believe happened based on what I've been told.

JENN: Do you know for a fact that Jason continued to see Molly after returning home from filming prior to the filming of the ATFR around Jan. 18th?

STEVE: Do I know this for a fact? No. But this is what I believe happened based on what I've been told, and, this might actually get brought out at the ATFR 1 taping. I believe Jason informed Melissa during the taping of the ATFR 1 that he was in contact with Molly since filming ended in NZ. Whether ABC chooses to show that is a different story.

JENN: Do you know for a fact that when Melissa was dumped at the taping of the 1st ATFR on Jan. 18, she had no idea it was coming and she really thought she was Jason's F1?

STEVE: Do I know for a fact? No. But I have every reason to believe that Melissa had no idea this was coming and was devastated at being embarrassed at the ATFR 1 taping.

JENN: Do you know for a fact that Molly wasn't in on it until the filming of the show ended?

STEVE: No, I don't know for a fact, and as I brought up in the You Tube videos and in my column, I think that's the million dollar question: What was Molly's role in all this? I'm hearing different things, but nothing I can prove one way or another.

JENN: Do you know for a fact whether or not Molly knew what was coming at the 1st ATFR - that she would be picked as the real F1 after Jason dumped Melissa?

STEVE: No, I don't know that at all. I don't know what Molly knew or when she knew it - if she knew anything at all. I think finding the truth to that answer might solve a lot of peoples headaches though.

JENN: Did the e-mails tell you anything new or did you already know what they referred to from your previous sources?

STEVE: They verified everything that I'd been led to believe about what I heard went down this season.

JENN: So based upon the facts that you do know, what have you stated in your Blog that is just your speculation?

STEVE: When I came forward with "exclusive" news on Jan. 27th, it was that I knew there was going to be a "shocker" this season. That "shocker" (that Mike Fleiss and Chris Harrison both hyped up in recent weeks), was that the ATFR 1 was filmed in January, and the outcome of that ATFR 1, was that Jason breaks up with Melissa and "starts" dating Molly. That will be proven on March 2nd. I never said anything else was fact. It was always what I was led to believe. Til the end of time, when people ask me what I thought of the Jason Mesnick season of the Bachelor, I will always believe he was put up to this by people above him, and he agreed to do it. Whether people choose to believe that along with me is their decision. But I think there's substantial evidence to prove that's what happened.


Finale Recap coming up March 2nd and possibly another March 3rd! What to do after the show is over at this Blog? Stay tuned...



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Just wanted to say I thought your questions for RS were EXCELLENT! Good work.

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