Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Oh Boy...

Well well, what a shock (NOT!)--Jakey Boy, leader of the NICE GUYS BRIGADE, is our new Bachelor. Forging ahead in love and war so that nice guys might finish first! Awe...

This should be an interesting flight for us all to journey on...or not... Stay tuned come 2010 for this love fest of awe shucky darns and by golly gees from our Perfect Man ;)

Interesting Poll on whether Jake is the right pick or if he's just too darned perfect!

Speaking of polls--the one here at the Blog on who should be the next Bachelor had Jake coming in last--Reid or someone new fighting for first choice...

And speaking of love--our 2 love birds Ed & Jill are either truly in love or about due for that sad but shocking breakup in the next month or so--just in time for us to get over it and yearn for Jake to find love. To somehow in that strange sort of way, make up for the last breakup...or something like that!


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

"Ed Better NOT F&^%$#@' Disappoint Me!" & Other Thoughts To Ponder...

And there they are--the Happy Couple! Mr. Invisible is ED! Come on, you didn't really think it was going to be Reid now did you? He's our next Bachelor after all. Or so the rumors say...

My final Blog entry on Jillian's season! It's kinda bittersweet I must say. But there's always next season to get snarky about! Woohoo! Until then, look for more Blogs, Amazing things, and Bachelor/ette news of note.

My prediction? If it's totally for reals, then either they'll last until about October/November or they'll be married in 12 months like Ed says. If it's not real, expect a break up around October/November in plenty of time for everyone to be over it when the next season starts up next year. Just sayin'


Deanna is to blinking eyelashes as Jillian is to licking her lips!



Jillian's Family & Ed

Memorable Moments:

Lots of squealing!

Cousin Tori!

Ed says he was married to his job and that's why he left Jillian...

Jillian's mom has 66 questions for Ed and he aces every one of them!

Where are Jillian & Ed in 30 or 40 years? In Hawaii. She in her grass skirt. He in his green mankini. Totally!

Ed's mantra for relationships? BE HONEST! Okay...

Ed and Jillian's dad have a heart to heart. Then they laugh big laughs. And something about somersaults...

Ed hula dances with the family in a grass skirt and his coconut bra! He and Glen bump hips. It's a HOOT! "Wooo! Forget Jillian. You're all mine Glen!"


Jillian's Family & Kippy

Memorable Moments:

Totally Awkward kissing. Make it stop!!!!!!!!!!!

More squealing!

To Jillian, Kippy is the last cherry on top...

Jillian dares Kippy to chat with her mom and her list of 2 trillion questions!

Where are Jillian & Kippy in 30 or 40 years? Drinking lattes on his patio chatting like best friends. Awe.

What does Grandma think? He's not a Ukrainian. But he is VERY VERY VERY nice!

Glen asks Kippy if he's in love. Total deer in the headlights look for a moment...


It's Mom for Kippy and Dad for Ed!

Jillian wanted a sign from God. A big lightening bolt to strike her!

But before the last chance dates, Jillian and Tori dish on Ed's fantasy suite problem. Jillian wanted rip off your clothes passion. We know she didn't rip that mankini off of ED, because HERE IT IS A-GAIN! :


Memorable Moments:

Chopper tour was fun. Volcano gasses abounded.

The token waterfall/kiss/underwater crotch shots. Always a thrill. Or not...

He'll never leave her A-GAIN. Awe.

The token bed scene with kissing. And then BOOM. A volcano erupts all FIERY like. And a green mankini was seen flying through the air. Or something like that...


Memorable Moments:

Seeing Kippy's abs. All 8 or 9 or 10 of them. Like 20 times! Sheesh.

Paddle surfing and picnicking!

Kippy has AWESOME friends. But are they AMAZING?

Token bed scene. Let's do this! Finger kiss. Booooorriiiing...


The dumper finally gets dumped. Need I say more? Oh and we got to see more shots of his abs while he was getting dressed. Did he have an ab clause in his contract?!?!?


Reid arrives with his shirt untucked, looking like he's wearing clothes 2 sizes too big and white tennis shoes.

He says he's like 4. I believe it. "Reid, your dad's calling. He wants you to come home and return his outfit ASAP!"

Reid arrives in a RED MINI VAN! Guess Fleiss already blew the budget on Kip and Ed's limos!

Chris Harrisoncrest: Dude! You've got like 2 minutes. Ed's coming. He's gonna flatten your A-- if he sees you here! So make it quick. We'll have the van waiting out back in case you need to make a quick getaway!

No kisses. Just noses and foreheads!

Chris Harrisoncrest has Jillian dig deep down into her gut. It's telling her that ED is the one. Awe. Or not so awe for Red Van Reidster!

Her rejection doesn't make sense to Reid. Why he showed up wearing an untucked shirt, his dad's jacket, and those white tennis shoes doesn't make sense to me either...


"Ed better not Fffffn disappoint me!" --Jillian

She's 100% madly in love with ED!

She hops when he gets down on 1 knee.

He wants her to give him a hard time when they're like 80. Little blue pills Ed. Little blue pills!

More squealing!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A piggy back run over a just hosed bridge could have led to more shenanigans, but alas, that was it. THE END!


Did Kippy's response to Jillian's rejection seem that real? Have rejected bachelors ever looked so calm and semi bored and said right away "At least I am leaving knowing I told you these things..." Hmmmm... She thanks him and he says that Ed is a lucky man. Okay....

Since Ed says FUNNEST is now a word, does that really make it so?!



10. Lots of SQUEALING!

9. How many times did they stress it was real and not scripted: at least a dozen!

8. Reid is "Mr. Popularity!"

7. "If anyone thinks it's fake or scripted, it's REAL!" --Jillian as she tears up

6. Reid had a question about the FANTASY SUITE, but that was just WRONG! Okay...

5. A 12 year old girl asks Reid out!

4. Jillian's engagement ring adds a whopping 5 LBS to her hand. Better watch out! She might tip over...

3. She swore before she got engaged. Classy!

2. An audience member wiped tears out of her eyes...

1. They're getting married sometime in... the next 12 MONTHS!


You gotta click on this image--too funny, created by some funny folks at FORT. My favorite? The shirt with the magnifying glass and the slogan "I spent the whole season sleuthing, and all I got was this dumbass finale." Classic!


***Caps From Dreamer at Jokers, Fort. Thanks!***

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Men Tell All (Or Nothing At All...)

Oh nooooooooo! They're back next week. Those shorty shorts and those gratuitous underwater crotch shots! Please, make it stop!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, was it the men tell all...or did they tell nothing?! Nothing of consequence anyhow. We still don't have a clue what happens next week except that there's no way Jillian is picking Kiptyn! As for ED with 2 girlfriends, is Jillian his 3rd on his way to starting a harem? Kinda hope not for her sake! Reid's come back as a possible F1? In his own words: Maybe, Possibly, Soy Grande!

So how did they describe our last 3 dudes? Jillian has finally learned to trust Kippy. Reid isn't ready to commit. And ED had trouble in the fantasy suite. But notice, what they didn't dwell on! They didn't go into the whole fantasy suite disaster with ED nor the green mankini. Not a peep was shown on that. Hmmm...

Jillian and Harrisoncrest chatted. Jason and Molly made a gratuitous appearance. She's still going to move to Seattle. Totally. Then the best part was the cavemen who took the stage!

Back to dish the dirt were: Mathue, Sasha, Mike, Tanner P, Michael, Tanner F, Mark, Dave, Brian, Robby, Juan, Jessie, and Jake. What, no BILBRO?!!?

Aside from some Wes bashing, Dave and the Dudes vs. Juan, The Dudes vs. Jake, and Man Code 101, there wasn't a whole lot to dish about. So I'll leave you guys with a TOP 30 list in honor of Jillian's 30 Dudes:


1. Did you count 'em? All those boos for Wes! Had to have been at least a hundred. I stopped counting at like 99...

2. According to Jilly, if the worst thing a guy does is want to suck on some toes, she doesn't really give a rip! So take that Harrisoncrest!

3. Jillian's 2nd toe is larger than her 1st toe. Okay...

4. Jillian lost her marbles somewhere along this journey. I think it was in Vancouver. The Ogopogo has them now. Must find the Ogopogo!

5. When Jillian laughs really hard, she needs to wear Depends!

6. Ed's a regular Fred Astaire when he's sloshed!

7. Mark's a wicked snowball fighter.

8. Holy Crap! Reid needs some help in the Hula dancing department...

9. Tanner P's take on the guys? They're disgusting! They F-A-R-T and they don't take care of their feet! Nasty!

10. Both Tanners bond over their name. Awe.

11. Michael's impression of Robby? "What up! I'm drunk!"

12. Mark's suggestion for Jake to be more normal and not so perfect? Go see an R-rated movie!

13. Perfect Jake--leader of the Nice Guys Brigade--tells Sasha to go F-Off. Then he ran and cried over a railing...

14. According to Tanner F, on a scale of 1 to Mesnick, Jake's crying in Austin was a Straight Up Mesnick!

15. When Jake dropped an F Bomb, Harrisoncrest felt the need to drop one too!

16. Juan admits he only partly faked a shot--he drank like half of it!

17. Dave violated his own Man Code by dating Jillian who was seeing all those other dudes at the same time! Oops!

18. Dave wonders after a month, what's wrong with complimenting a girl's Ass?

19. Harrisoncrest feels the need to speak for all women. Ha. Ha.

20. David's take on Jake storming in on Wes and Jillian's hometown visit? "You cried like a little GIRL!"

21. Tanner P does his best Wes impression A-GAIN, "Ladda Dee, Ladda Da..."

22. Mike's take on Wes? He's not smart enough to trick Jillian!

23. There were zero Wes supporters in the audience. That's their story and they're sticking to it...

24. Jillian was wearing Mango-Get-Em by L'Oreal. So was I. It's catchy I must say, less harsh than my usual fuschia!

25. Seeing Juan the Teetotaler get beat up on every week by Man Code Dave broke little Jilly's heart!

26. Dave sincerely apologized to Jillian for telling her that she had a nice Ass. Oh the horror!

27. Juan can't let Jillian go without letting her know that he thinks her feet are hot too! And if she ever wants a chum to go get a mani and pedi with, he's there! Awe.

28. The dudes were apparently pretty gassy group. Classy!

29. Jillian loves pepperoni! In fact,when ED couldn't please her in the fantasy suite, she ate a whole case of pepperoni! Mmmm. Damn that's stuff's good!

30. Jillian? She's extremely happy. We'll see...

Next week on the MOST DRAMATIC FINAL ROSE CEREMONY EVAAAAAAAAAAAH, Reid returns! Boy is this finale going to be MUCHO GRANDE!

Until then, read about more behind the scenes from the Men Tell All that we didn't see!


***Caps from Dreamer at Jokers. Thanks!***

Monday, July 13, 2009

"I like you THIS much" & Other Thoughts To Ponder...

Well guys and gals, was it as good for you as it apparently wasn't for Jillian and Ed?! Was anyone left scratching their head when Reid was sent home? Does anyone think Reid is coming back? Hmmm....

She's had quite a ride this season hasn't she. These 3 dudes have flown halfway around the world to find love, get away from girlfriends back home, and get the chance to keep it real with their Jilly! Just who will Mr. Invisible be? Jillian pondered this while she hearted question mark in the sand. Awe. She's in love with ALL of them after all...Aren't they aways!?


"Let's get this S--- done! Ready Reid?" --Jillian "proposes"

"I'm like 4!" --Reid

"I hope they like you. I'd be nervous!" --Ed on Jillian meeting his folks


Kipton & Jillian

Memorable Moments:

Oh boy! Another run, jump, twirl, and SQUEEEEEAAAL!

Jillian is sooo scared during the ropes course! Kippy gets to be there for her and hear lots of squeals! Do earplugs come in the guys' welcome bags? Just sayin'.

Kippy on a tightrope is like a baby trying to learn to walk and Jillian thinks that's soooo funny! I think it's kind of dorky...

When faced with taking a leap of faith, she'd rather puke!

More squeals!

Kippy promises her a kiss when they get to the bottom. And he feeds her strawberries too!

Nice loud floral tablecloth at dinner!

His one big flaw? He's lousy at Flamenco dancing!

Like the hokey pokey, he likes to keep one foot in and one foot out of a relationship. Oooooh!

Chris Harrisoncrest's Note to Jillian and Kippy: "Kippy. Chris Harrison here. Now's your chance to do a sexy flamenco dance for Jillian in the fantasy suite without the cameras rolling. Go for it Mr. Perfect. Have fun kids."

My Prediction: He's always the dumper, not the dumpee. Guess who's finally getting dumped in two weeks!!!!


Jillian & Reid

Memorable Moments:

She greets him with a huge beach ball!

He likes to make out under palm trees.

He says he's glad to see her and then calls his "lines" cheesy!

A helicopter ride with Jillian? Like being in heaven! Or a small crowded space with a squealing child. Take your pick...

An aerial wedding Reid? I don't think so!

Reid's like 4: "I like you." "How much?" "THIS much!"

Reid's a total Magic 8 Ball. Ask him anything and he'll pony up. But don't pressure him about marriage!

In case you were wondering, Reid's a bit indecisive in life!

"Reid, are you going to marry me or not?!? TELL ME NOW DAMMIT!" Or something like that...

Chris Harrisoncrest's Note to Jillian and Reid: "Reid. It's Chris. No, I'm not spying from the bushes. That'd be Twilley. Kidding. You're not on the deserted island yet my friend, so chuck the Buddy Holly glasses, the fear of meat and committment and just get down on it, da da, get down on the Fantasy Suite on us! Be sure to charge room service to Fleiss. He's the big daddy kahuna! Here's a case of bubble bath! Peace out!"

Reid's never had a bubble bath--he'd have to sit in dirty water! So he thinks they need LOTS of soap and pours like 5 bottles in that tub. Covered in bubbles, he looks like the ABOMINABLE SNOW BUBBLER! Sexy!

My Prediction: Sadly, gone at 3. But funny, how people keep returning this season...


Jillian & Ed

Memorable Moments:

Jillian's looking for a HUGE sign from Ed. But instead she gets something tiny and green! And no, it's not the incredible hulk...

She was tan and hot. And he wanted to attack her! But first, Ed had to finish filming a Nair commercial! Fliess has to pay the bills somehow!

“Who wears short shorts??? WE wear short
shorts!!! Nair for short shorts!”

Ed's nickname? Richie! Jillian thinks that's hawt!

Ed picks up Jillian and jumps into the ocean. And she's sqealing all the way doooooowwn in his ear! They jumped off the rocks and she squealed all the way doooooowwn in his ear! Need ear plugs STAT!

She wants to meet his family and BAM! There they are! It must have happened just like that because Ed's Dad spouted out "What the hell are we doing here??!? I was eatin' some brats and watching da Bears and now I'm in da Maui..."

Chris Harrisoncrest's Note to Ed and Jillian: "Big Ed, it's Harrison! Microsoft called. You're fired! Kidding...Or am I?! Keep that in mind while you two kids relax in the fantasy suite. I'm sure it won't affect your game! Laters!"

"This girl is smokin' hot. Why does she like me?" --Ed (Pssst: It's the shorts Ed! Totally!)

What's with the strange white long sleeved nightie?!

On a scale of 1 to RICHIE, their passion was a total BILBRO! Maybe they hugged it out instead...

My Prediction: Ed is Final 1 but then BAM, it all changes in the blink of a script revision...


Kip: Will he break her heart?

Reid: Will he make sacrifices?

Ed: Will he strike out in the bedroom A-GAIN?!


Kippy and Ed's Lilac wonder of a jacket!


Honey Boo Bear (Reid) and his lightbulb moment: Tell her how you feel dude!


Interesting we've never seen her call Reid her honey boo bear until we glean this tidbit from Reid's video message! Hmmm...

Ed mentioned "external things" going on to Jillian. Like I don't know...girls back in Chicaaaago maybe?!?? Ahh those pesky "rumors!"

When Reid says if he could reverse things, he would, is that a spoiler?!


1. Eeny Meeny Miney Mo
2. Flip a coin!
3. See who snores the least in the fantasy suite!
4. Draw names
5. The one who can find the Ogopogo first, wins!


***Caps from Dreamer & Valen at Jokers. Thanks!***

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

"I'm Big?! I'm Big! Awesome!" & Other Thoughts To Ponder...

Wow. Guess Nancy clueless finally got a clue and that clue was that Wes was there for the "wrong reasons." Or for the cheesy bike ride. Or for the whiskey and yeehawin' good times. Or something like that. But, at least in Spain they know his naaaaaaaame :

Well they call me the fireman, that's my name.
Making my rounds all over town, putting out old flames.
Well everybody'd like to have a what I got.
I can cool 'em down when they're smold'ring hot.
I'm the fireman, that's my name.


Kippy makes Jillian's heart AND jaw drop to the floor.

Jillian likes that Kippy has like a 8 pack or a 9 pack or a 12 pack or whatever those strange bulges are!

Jillian thinks caution tape is fab. It's just the kind of stuff she loves!

There was a 3-1 sale on TANK TOPS apparently...

When Jillian was 8 she babysat the whole neighborhood AND made them all help her search for the Ogopogo!

Jillian likes to get in bed like most Canadian's climb mountains. She just gets right up and climbs that sucker straight down the middle!

Jillian and Reid suck at Spanish.

Wes only packed about 5 shirts and his one pair of jeans for the entire 6+ weeks of taping!


"Flamenco and me should never hang out again!" --Kippy

"You were a little tight in the crotch Kiptyn. Ha. Ha." --Jillian

"I'm big? I'M BIG! Awesome! Soy Grande!" --Reid

"Let's roll!" --Ed

"I'm sooo gullible." --Jillian

"It's 1 Bed Ed!" --Jillian

"You say that to all the boys!" --Wes Shady

"It ain't me dude. It ain't me." --Wes Shady

"I can't waste any more time on Wes!" --Jillian


Jillian and Kip

Memorable Moments:

The race to do the lift and twirl was enough to make you hurl!

Kippy throws down an AMAZING!

Jillian thinks a proposal would be FUN. Ridiculously COOL. Like totally!

Kippy takes a liking to the TIGHT flamenco dancer's pants he has to wear right down to the zipper that he broke...

Tight pants picks up Jillian and carries her off somewhere!

They butt scooter helmets while attempting kissy face.

Grandpa (Kippy) drives about 5 miles per hour!

Grandpa slams into a pole with his scooter. Then he couldn't get his helmet off. Spanish Wine Boozer!

When you're tight in the crotch it's only natural to chat up having kids!

A good sign of fine escargot is gulping down half a glass of wine afterward ;)

Jillian suggests Kippy is like her father. And since her mother wears the pants in the family sometimes, she's worried Kippy might get wussy on her Canadian bad Ass self! Because she needs a strong man to help her search for the Ogopogo!

When they get the fantasy suite card from Chris Harrisoncrest Out, Kippy is worried Chris didn't discuss this with Jillian first...


Jillian & Reid

Memorable Moments:

"Hola Mi Amore!" produces a big SQUEEEEAAAAAL!

Reid puts a pretty flower in her hair. Awe.

Reid doesn't know a whole lot of Spanish but he does know that he's muy "SOY GRANDE" as in "BIG" And that's AWESOME!

Reid mistakes a picnic basket for a "man bag" - sort of like a SOY GRANDE version of a Seinfeldesque "European Carryall"

When she's with Reid, she practically has to pee herself laughing!

They're so giggly!

Jillian lights a fire under Reid's butt. Her words...

Even the shrimp couldn't save Reid from Jillian's tough questions.

She turned down the fantasy suite but he has his own room key in his back pocket! Sly, that one!

Reid gives Jillian a piggyback ride and tells gullible Jillian that guys do that in Philly! You can just hop on their back and they'll show you around the city. HAHAHA. That visual was like the funniest thing ever!


Jillian & Ed

Memorable Moments:

Jillian's shorts look half wet--apparently from peeing herself on her dates with Reid...

Ed paints a picture for Jillian on what a Chicago hometown date would have included--KARAOKE! Woohoo.

They make out for like 2 hours in a fountain with tourists gawking nearby. Classy!

He tells her some place is like 5000 years old. She buys it. So gullible!

"Hot dogs! OMG they're everywhere!!!!!!!!!!!"

While discussing the fantasy suite card, Jillian snacks on her nails. Ewe!

Ed realizes that if she leaves the fantasy suite, he can have that baby all to himself! Do they get ESPN in Spain?!

She informs him they're sleeping IN their clothes! He asks that she keep her stiletto heels ON. Or something like that...


Jillian & Wes

Memorable Moments:

Wes is FIRED up!

BAD Ass goes on a BIKE ride and twangs some BELLS!

Jillian used her foot as a brake to stop her bike...Tanner P is cringing!

He keeps a respectable 10 feet from her at all times. She chews with her mouth open. He picks food from his mouth with his fingernail. She demands he move somewhere to live with her. He notices a bird has no foot. He spills his beer and wets himself. She tells him to move his butt and cleans up after him. Okaaaay...

He creepily sits at the dinner table with his fingers glued to his temple!

He's numero uno baby!

He talks about his girlfriend. Ooops!


Ed, Reid, and Tight Pants Kiptyn


Wes and another spiffy brown jacket! He's got his dog and his band to go home to! And he's going to french kiss one and brush the other's teeth. Just sayin'


Is the caution tape we keep seeing in the foreground of Jillian and Kippy in the recaps like a theme here?

Is Kippy too perfect? Is Reid taking things too slow? Is Ed too in love with his career!? What's a girl to do?

Did Jillian and Reid have incredibly short waiters or was their table up on some kind of pedestal?

So did Wes really have a girlfriend or what's the story morning glory?

OK, so we're supposed to believe that Jillian wasn't ready for some of these overnight dates in the fantasy suite but in about a week in Hawaii she will be?! Okaaaay...

Is there some reason Ed can't look Jillian in the eye about 99% of the time he's spouting off?!


Run fast. But don't run into your woman!

Swing wide with your left leg!

Grab her solidly around the chest area...

Start to twirl--but avoid tripping on
any pesky cement curbings!

Swing her out wide but avoid passersby!

Try to disentangle yourself from her due to

But wait, watch out for the spread eagle leg maneuver!
Drop her before they wrap around your hips! Aaaaaaaaand done!


***Caps From Dreamer at Jokers. Thanks***

Monday, June 29, 2009

"She's Just An Innocent Girl Trying To Find Love" & Other Thoughts To Ponder...

The return of ED! Woohoo! Who here thinks he's final 1 or the next bachelor?! But alas, that's a mystery for another show down the road. We've got another mystery to solve and that's the darned girlfriend puzzler once a-GAIN! Clearly we've got Nancy Clueless trying to solve this one and even Jake Hardy can't drive a clue home to silly Jilly. She's got Wes fever and that don't come eaaaaaaaaaaassssssssy! Yep. Cheesy!


"She's knocked me off my feet pretty good." --Michael

"Wes is a deceiver." --Jake, Leader of the Nice Guys Brigade

"I don't deserve all this $#!&!" --Jillian

"I straight up love that girl!" --Michael


Memorable Moments:

She squeals! A-GAIN!

MaReid Poppins points around at the sights in Philly with his spiffy umbrella and then they pop that baby open and take a ride over to his parents' house! Or something like that...

Reid's dad tells him to fall head over heels and take that darn risk!

Reid really likes to know what everyone else thinks before he makes a decision.

"Who wants cake?!" --Reid changing the subject...


Memorable Moments:

Michael has a twin bro - Double YO!

The sight of Jillian makes Michael do a ho-down jig.

When MIKE YO and DOUBLE YO switch places, Jillian is on to their scheme! And she demands MIKE YO immediately change back into his spiffy untucked blue shirt!

It's a swing dance off and hip buster in the family room!


Memorable Moments:

More squealing! Yay!

Kippy's family put caution tape around the hot tub! Ha. Ha.

Jillian's afraid she's just a hillbilly around Kippy's family.

The big family test to pass?! Taste testing Olive Garden Lasagna vs. Kips's Father's Lasagna. And Grandma's cheap wine vs. some fancy Frenchy wine.

Grandma's cheap Strawberry Hill wine got tossed in the bushes!

Did Kippy's sister just tell Kippy to get Jillian PREGNANT?!

They sing a rousing chorus of the Bachelorette Blues. It usually sets in once the show is done filming. Like a post-partum kind of thingy...

Kippy and Jillian take a dip in the tub after Kippy cuts the caution tape with some handy gardening shears. His intense and intimidating mom watches from the window. AWKWARD...


Memorable Moments:

If Jillian thinks she's a hillbilly, then that tractor ride was right up her alley!

Jesse's brother is rockin' the Grizzly Adams look. We're talking What Not To Wear Makeover In The Making...

Jacob: "Do you love this chick?! Does she want babies?" Classic!

Jesse has a shell that needs some crackin'!

Jacob actually asks Jillian if she and Jesse have been NAKED together yet!!!!!! WTH. And then she actually just pops off with this GEM: "No, we don't get like that for AWHILE!" Okaaaay...

Another goofy yet so endearing dancing around the family room moment with Jesse on drums, Jacob on guitar and Jillian on the tambourine! Then Jesse nearly impales his brother Jacob with a drumstick...

Jesse compares his and Jillian's relationship to a wine. You know, one that's flat...


Memorable Moments:

Wes has another family--his BAND!

Jillian's stoked!

He's got a new CD coming out!

She's rocking that jean jacket and RED boots!

He's got his initials "WH" on his guitar strap!

She's dancing a jig, drinking some beer!

His music is his church. No drug, no woman is like being on stage Baby!

Jillian lets out a kind of odd combo Woohoo/Yeehaw after hearing Wes sing A-GAIN!

Wes invites Jillian to jump on his love train!

He's not a good liar, he likes her a lot, she's his type, here for the right reasons. Blah Blah. Blah.


After flying in to confront Jillian about Wes' girlfriend, Jake decides he'd better call Tanner P and double check his facts one last time. "Am I doing the right thing? Did he say he HAS a girlfriend or HAD a girlfriend...That depends on what the definition of IS is?! If I'm wrong --I'm gonna cry on the balcony...Click..."

Jake visits Jillian--and his whole body goes NUMB! He pauses. He laughs nervously. CUT! Take 25, Jake finally spills the beans! Mystery solved! No Jillian, Wes isn't GAY! (SHEESH! Where did that come from?) The guy with the girlfriend is...WES! Her name? Laurel. Hmmm...

Enter Wes. "What's shakin baby?"

She accuses him. Outs Jake as a tattler. Bites her nails. Calls Jake Hardy and gives him his cue.

Enter Jake with the "$#!#" Eatin' Grin!

Jake and Wes keep a distance of 20 feet at all times per the show's rules.

Jake wants Wes to look him in the eye! Something about Laurel and Wes thumping Jake HARD on the back of the head at the rose ceremony after Tanner P blabbed all.

Wes is totally confused. He denies it all. That's crazy man!

He said. He said.

"She's just an innocent girl trying to find looooovveeeeeee!" --Jake as he sobs all over the hotel balcony like that dork Jason did! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

So what does a humiliated girl do!? Wes is smooth, mentions Jillian's sexy EYES. She takes Wes back, hook, line, and sinker! Is anyone else out there finding this just a bit bizarre/possibly drummed up?!!?

And as for Jake? According to Wes Shady, he's a "Backstabbin' piece of $#!%!" Okaaay...


Reid, Kip, Ed, and Wes and his brown suit jacket.


Jesse and his love juice. But at least he's got a cynical brother to go home to!

Michael and his broken heart! He can't say a bad thing. Classy!


What flavor was Reid's birthday cake?

Is Wes a producer pick!? Call me crazy for thinking that...

Anyone else notice Reid's giant smile when Ed walked into the Rose Ceremony?

Any clue what the hundred thousand things are between Jillian and Michael that he loves?!

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Girl Friend Gate continues next week! Not A-GAAAAAAIN!

Jillian & Her Cuz Tori's Negotiable &
Non-Negotiable List Includes...


Don't have to live in Canada.

Acting as personal assistant can be endearing...

They can't lie about having a girlfriend unless they're really cuuuute!

Hair color in various shades, body art galore, and Buddy Holly's glasses okay...

Younger Dudes IF they're funny!


No hard drinkers with anger management issues!

No MAN CODE breakers!

If he has a twin, they can't play switcheroo. That's like sooo grade school!

They have to be willing to search for the Ogopogo on summer vacations at the lake!

No Younger Dudes if they're jobless...


***Caps From Dreamer At Jokers. Thanks!***