Tuesday, July 1, 2008

After All, It's A Bunch Of Duuuudes & Other Thoughts...

Well it was certainly an interesting show. Three fantasy dates on Grand Bahama Island and one very tan glowing DeAnna! Short and sweet on the fantasy dates and lots of fun stuff to dish on the Men Tell All...

Dee & Jeremy Sitting in a Tree...

In case you didn't know it by now, Jeremy is PERFECT!

Jeremy gets the giggles when he's nervous!

Chris Harrison's Note to Jeremy & DeAnna: "Jeremy, Chris Harrison here. I know..I know, you probably are wondering where I am..why the generic note. Whether or not I might just pop out of the bushes with Twilley and perform my classic champagne glass banging gag...but I'm not. I can tell you really dig DeAnna but she needs to see if you're perfect in every way, so how about you check out the fantasy suite on me! But be sure to bill the room service to Fleiss, he's the big Kahuna. Love Chris."

My Prediction: No rose, the obsessive use of the word perfect thanks to the ever present handy producer cue card that says, "Jeremy's Perfect" is the kiss of death...

Dee & Jason K-I-S-S-I-N-G:

Jason KNOWS how to drive a stick!

Kayaking is fun! So are the little fishies. Awe.

Jason tosses Chris Harrison's note at the dinner table, showing off his wicked Greek-Style!

Chris Harrison's Note to Jason & DeAnna: "Jason, It's Chris. DeAnna's Greek. It's dinner time. She gets really excited when things start getting tossed about so chuck this note and go for it. PS: See you at the wedding!"

My Prediction: You had me at "Yasoo!"

Dee & Jessie Doing...Whatever They Were Doing...

Jesse calls those other guys "knuckleheads"

"I'm pretty stinking nervous!" Could have done without the stinking part, but Okaaay...

Chris Harrison's Note to Jesse & DeAnna: "Jesse, I hear you have a girlfriend, but don't worry, I text messaged her that you're having a totally rad time with Dee and she's so ridiculous! Feel free to enjoy the fantasy suite now that you're single. And don't worry, we've placed some of your hats, gloves, and tees around the suite for maximum camera exposure. I'll see you in Breckinridge in a few for my snowboard lesson. Chris Harrisoncrest Out!"

My Prediction: Duuddde, like soooo not gonna happen!

Things to Ponder:

What the hell happened to Jason?! Scruffy indeed. Did Dee abandon him on an island for awhile, he's looking a bit like Tom Hanks on Castaway! Or was he going for the Graham effect, hmmm?!

Men Tell All Fun:

Is Chris Harrison like the most underused host ever!? His hilarity and snarky wit are left too often on the cutting room floor! So in honor of our witty host, here's a few interesting moments from the Men Tell All (or nothing...) Show:

Twilley had no idea what he was doing until the Men Tell All was filmed. Now he gets it. Totally.

Twilley is like the little brother you never wanted who just gets under your skin.

Robert is sure that if he went to the book store and bought some Cliff Notes on Jeremy, they would be Cliff Notes for American Psycho. This of course, is coming from the guy who has an array of polo shirts in every color and extremely starched upturned collars! And who gets struck by lightening pretty often when things get "naughty." And who spritzes himself with Pam. I'm just sayin'...

Is the phrase "douche bag" like a hot thing of late, or is that just what all the producer cue cards in the past two shows have been reading!? You know, along with "Amazing," "Connection," and "It's Sean...not John!"

Ron is still denying he was jealous of Jeremy. And iron still sharpens iron.

The guys are having T-Shirts made so Jeremy can join their club!

Calling someone a D-Bag will get you a high five!

It was the MOST TRAUMATIC season EVER!

If Chris Harrison was a betting man, his money would have been on Graham. And he'd have been Fleissed!

When you want to either make out or kill someone, it's probably not going to work out...

DeAnna is NOT second guessing her decision about Graham anymore!

Paul likes to take bubble baths in his girlfriend's bath tubs. When they're not there. Because that's as close as he's ever going to get...

Sean is not a smotherer!

They did not have it in the budget to hire a grammar coach for DeAnna. Growed. Grew. Whatever.

You don't wanna get a case of the OCD Obsessive Compulsive DeAnnas! That's Ryan's excuse and he's sticking to it!

Wow, Gregster was able to sneak away from the wild pack of coyotes he's been living with and showed up to rip his shirt off again. The lady he pelted with his shirt was positively skeered!

Greg's shirt ripping skills made for the BEST EXIT EVER!

SO-CRATES' Wisdom Redux: (so-crates=Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure reference...)

If you don't have skills...you don't have skills...

Iron sharpens iron.

Steel can't be sharpened with...um...tin?

You don't force a flower to be open. You don't say, "Open flower because I'm asking you now."

Sometimes the tree gets cut down before it ever gets to bear its fruit.

The Karate Kid and His Mullet Are Soon Parted:

Chris Harrison: "Tell me what's endearing about Sean. The mullet. Obviously that goes without saying. Business in the front. Party in the back. Is he a haircut away from winning your heart? Do you think he fought in the Cobra Kai Dojo in Karate Kid?"


Sean: I'm not gonna lie, I kicked some major lemon A$$ in the Cobra Kai Dojo!

Jesse: Party's gone, duuuuuuuuuuuude

Things to Ponder:

Is the hot seat really hot?!

Did Chandler bring his duck caller!?

Where was Brian and his sweaty abs of steel?!

Did Fred ever go out on a date with audience member Stephanie?

If Ryan looked in a mirror, would he argue with himself too?!

Was Chris Harrison really surprised to hear DeAnna was engaged!?

What was this mystery cap all about!? We never saw this scene! Hmmm...


Who will she choose? His name starts with a J. There are 5 letters in his name. He's in love with DeAnna. And they're engaged! Boy am I stumped! Oh yeah, it's Jason. Can't wait!

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***Caps from Dreamer at Jokers

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