Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Those Dudes Ain't Going To Know What Hit 'Em & Other Thoughts...

Well we're a little on the late side today with this latest Blog entry! Remind me never to initiate a Bachelor/ette Drinking Game every time I hear the words, "Amazing," "Perfect," "Connection," or "Bedonkadonk!" Wooooo!!!!!!!! Just kidding. I think...

So last night's show was rather riveting or was it just me who headed for the tissues?! Sentimental gal that I am. Me thinks there was a bit that ended up on the editing room floor per Graham and DeAnna's interactions...hmm...So let's get to some fun highlights. A little snowboarding fun, some easy ridin', and a mysterious fashion faux pas ending for Graham...

DeAnna's 411 on The Bachelors:

Jeremy is PERFECT
Graham is SMOKIN' HOT

Things You Didn't Know About Jesse:

He likes to snowboard! A LOT!

He teaches snowboarding to lots of girls who get crushes on him, so he's hoping to score with DeAnna!

Duuude, Jesse refers to DeAnna's booty as her bedonkadonk. (Google Trace Adkins...)

His home is built entirely of snowboards. I'm sensing a theme here...

In case you aren't sure where to put the frying pan or turkey baster after you use them, his house is full of coordinating Martha Stewart Crafts Labels! Chef Robert is sooooooooooo jealous!

In 20 years, Jesse will be throwing off his shirt and rubbing his belly like his dad.

Jesse's dad is Willie Nelson! Didn't see that one coming...

Jesse got a rose last in the previous rose ceremony because he wouldn't kiss DeAnna while they were filming that Country Time Lemonade commercial...

Jesse wants to ride a chair lift into the sunset with his beautiful DeAnna. Awe.

Jesse has a Don Johnson/Miami Vice costume he'll show off in at the rose ceremony!

Things You Didn't Know About Jeremy:

He rides motorcycles! Wearing tennis shoes...Still sexy...

He's very organized!

He decorates with festive bar exam study notes wallpaper. Great conversation starter. Psst, Jeremy, can I borrow your notes?!...I still need to take that TX Bar...;)

His closet scares DeAnna...

DeAnna says he's perfect like 100 times! Not a good sign...

His brothers are NOT on DeAnna's side!

Jeremy wants a fresh start and DeAnna is the girl he NEEDS!

Things You Didn't Know About DeAnna:

She is clueless when it comes to the Space Needle. Okay...

She plans to have 3 kids by age 30. She's 26 and counting. Whoever she picks is going to be a busy beeeeeeeee!

Things You Didn't Know About Jason:

Jason also would like 3 kids!

Jason's family likes to eat Greek Food and they're a lot like DeAnna's "big fat Greek family!" Eric is soooooooooo jealous right now...

His son Ty likes to name ducks Ted.

He's F1! Sorry duuuude aka Jesse...

Things You Didn't Know About Graham:

He likes to play basketball and kiss his girl under the bleachers!

He is different when he's not around the other guys...

He has a basketball trophy shrine in his old room!

He has a hard time dating a girl past 4 weeks. DOH! Not a good sign...

The Bachelorette: Special Bouncy Balls Edition & The Bachelor: Crazy Japanese Game Show Edition:

What was up with the zany game show previews!? I walked back into the room expecting the MOST DRAMATIC ROSE CEREMONY EVEEEERRRRRR and instead caught DeAnna and the remaining guys--and some other dudes--slipping and sliding on giant red balls! Oops, wrong show. Wait--did I change the channel?! Nope, channel is correct! Maybe these shows should all be combined...hmm...make for more dramatic rose ceremonies. Except Chris Harrison would have to forgo the champagne glass knife banging maneuver while on the bouncy balls or he might lose a limb or poke someone's eye out!

As for the Japanese game show, I was reminded of that skit on Saturday Night Live with Chris Farley where he ends up on a Japanese game show, but doesn't SPEAK JAPANESE, and everyone who answers a question wrong is losing fingers right and left! Hilarious. Check it out:


The Quotable (Or Not) Bachelor:

"I'm kickin' it up about 10 notches. And those dudes ain't going to know what hit 'em!" --Jesse

The Mystery of the Missing Suit:

Graham is shown during the final 6 Palm Springs date in a PI wearing a black suit with black shirt and blue tie. With the same background as Jesse's PI with the suit he wears to the 4-3 cut rose ceremony if I'm not mistaken. Hmmm. Graham shows up to the 4-3 cut rose ceremony wearing jeans, a dark blazer, and a red sweater vest and tie. Hmmm. He looks like he knows he's going home. He's already written a note to DeAnna as if he knew he was going home. And something happened previously on his home town date between the giddy school girl moments on the basketball court to Graham's mom revealing he's a loner who doesn't date past 4 weeks...to a most awkward park bench scene of Graham completely shutting DeAnna out. OK EDITORS, WHAT DID WE MISS?!?! HMMM...If I had to guess, it would be one of the following scenarios--vote in the poll top right as to what you think happened...

Scenario 1) Graham Wants to Leave: DeAnna would have taken Graham to the final 3 or 2 to see where their relationship would have led and give him time to open up more. Therefore sending Jesse home, but a wrench was thrown into the mix when Graham wanted to leave the show...so Graham goes at F4.

Scenario 2) DeAnna Wants Graham to Leave: DeAnna decided--based on scenes we didn't see on his hometown date--to let him go at F4. Perhaps she told him this at the Rose Ceremony beforehand so he stormed off, changed clothes, producers talked him into staying for the ceremony per contracts/$$ and he quickly wrote his feelings in a note, which would explain the change of clothes or missing suit image possibly.

Scenario 3) Other--what do you think really happened?! Use the comments section to elaborate on your theories!

Dear DeAnna:

(My additions in bold...)

"Where to start? Well...I've been acting like an A$$! I want to
apologize for my B(ehavior?)...But I just can't be myself around you and Bob the Cameraman...The Passionate (or Present?) circumstances...have got me all wound up. I can't think straight...You made a Smart remark...about my trophy room and it was all down hill from there...Don't know where to...begin, but I'm 46 so it's all good! PS: There's a (spot?) I can...see on your teeth from the peppercorn ranch salad dressing we all had for lunch, just thought I'd point it out in case it bothers Jeremy since he's such a perfectionist...See you at the Men Tell All! PS: Pick Jason, he's a good guy!"

Things to Ponder:

What were DeAnna and Graham eating out of that big bowl in the gym? That's all I got! Oh wait, where the heck was Chris Harrison in the end of the ceremony!? No champagne glass banging Bob Bummer moves, no this is the final rose cheese! It's just not the same show without our favorite host rounding out the evening!

Next Week on The Bachelorette & The Men Tell All:

DeAnna morphs into a pirate! Or an island jailbird! Somethin'!

Jason is dying to get into that fantasy suite!

And check out these highlights from the description of the Men Tell All episode: Explosions! Confrontations! Dishing Dirt! Hot Seats! Tempers Flare! Breaking Silence! Predictions! (They'll all say Jesse!)

Will Graham reveal what he wrote in the note, you know the part that the camera crew didn't reveal shown above...And what is the SHOCKING SECRET DeAnna reveals!? Vote in the poll above right and let me know what you think her secret is!

Bachelorette Activity #6:

Where in the World Is Chris Harrison?!

See if you can spot our favorite host (and the Twillster) in the following caps:


***Caps by Dreamer at Jokers


Anonymous said...

Love the Chris Harrison pics:) He's the best!

I think Graham wanted out, big time!

kimbefo33 said...

Did you see Graham hiding his face when she was being all serious? It looked like he was laughing. He wanted out.

Jenn said...

That was a very awkward scene indeed! They've got his exit interview up at ABC now according to Jokers posters. I definitely think there is more to the story than we saw:)