Friday, June 13, 2008

Screencap Memory Lane...

Next week, DeAnna Tells All and revisits the final 6 guys and her journey. Awe. So who could resist a little walk down screencap lane from our recent shows!

Helooooooooooooooo Hollywooooooooooooood!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Twilley holds the Magic Castle Gang hostage with his rousing Greek Myth Play! And proceeds to fake shoot an arrow into never never land...

Ryan's a snuggler, can't you tell?!

DeAnna is forced to grope Brian IN's sweaty "abs of steel!"

Twilley can't wait to use his "shrinkage" line...

You probably won't recognize this guy in the real world without all the bushes around him! HA!

Twilley: "Are you guys going to make it seem like I'm hiding in the bushes?!"

Bach. Producer: "Of course not, we'd never do that!..."



Twilley tells us he's not just this crazy guy and then proceeds to wow us with this facial expression...

Chris Harrison, ever the suave host, bangs his champagne glass so hard with his knife, the champagne starts sloshing up out of the glass...Do you think he's ever broken any glasses during the filming of this show?

Ryan: Like Oh My God, We're wearing the same outfit! One of us is going to have to change!!!

Donato: I'm drunker and better dressed than all you ^%$#@$!

Ryan: But I was voted the friendliest guy in 8th grade!

Twilley tries to stick a rose in Jeremy's mouth before they begin a manly tango dance...

Like, I could Sooo be snowboarding right now, duuuude!

Brian's massive thighs have swallowed Ellen's boxers!

Here in Hazzard County with my Muscle Car Racing Buddies, Bo & Luke Duke, this is how we like to roll...Sing along with me...
"Good 'Ol' Boys" by Sean "Waylon" Jennings...

"Just the good ol' boys
Never meanin' no harm
Beats all you ever saw, been in
trouble with the law since the day they was boooorrrnn
Just a good ol' boy
wouldn't change if I could...
Fightin' the system, annihilating lemons like a true modern day robinhood

Or something like that!


***Couple of caps from Dreamer at Jokers***

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