Monday, May 26, 2008

Juicy Bachelor/ette News & Auctions

Just a few juicy tidbits to get you by until our next recap! Can't wait. Looks like the next episode airing later tonight will involve baseball, a little magic, and a rooftop romance--or not! Stay tuned...

DeAnna was on Ellen today and they showed a clip of Graham and DeAnna having a duh moment while trying to fly a kite. DeAnna came out to "It's Raining Men". Interestingly her answers about whether she is in love or engaged were "I don't know," "Watch and see," "Don't know yet," "I'm very happy with the way the show ended." Is this some kind of code!? She did say it was hard and she had a newfound respect for Brad and all the past Bachelors/Bachelorettes. Then she said she'd tell Ellen backstage and then Ellen said she'd tell y'all aka the audience. One tip from DeAnna--living with three of the guys each week, it's important to see what a man is like first thing in the morning, especially if you're going to live 50+ years with them.

There was a funny clip of the guys in their Ellen boxers, dancing for Ellen and Ellen handing out a rose with cheesy rose ceremony music playing from her boombox. Ellen said she liked Jason and said he should be the next Bachelor. Hmm...

Interesting Auction Finds:

I read at Jokers about Chelsea from Bachelor Matt Grant's show, selling her rose ceremony dress at eBay. Bad memories and all. Bummer. Yeah right...So I checked it out, here's a link:

What, are you kidding me, no takers!? :) LOL! The front slit is ;)

I have also listed my rose ceremony prize bag that I won from Prince Lorenzo's season: The Bachelor Rome! Woohoo, some crazy and kooky stuff in this bag, and some pretty neat bath/body/make up products! Check it out:

BACHELOR ROME TV Rose Ceremony Prize Bag Complete RARE:
(See what the girls get in their bags!)

So then I thought it would be interesting to sleuth around eBay and see what kind of priceless Bachelor/ette related items there might be up for grabs! Perhaps Stacy's panties or maybe the necklace Oyster farmer Luke tried to give DeAnna which she removed before the Rose Ceremony. Maybe one of the little utensils that Chris Harrison so lovingly clinks against his Champagne glass before each Rose Ceremony...You just never know...Nothing thrilling, but some interesting memorabilia nonetheless:

Bachelor, The (TV) MP A TV Poster Chris Harrison:
Bachelor, The (TV) MP A Poster Chris Harrison (First Bachelor Alex):
THE BACHELOR - lot of 4 items (Bachelor Blob:)
The Bachelorette 2004 TV MP POSTER Jen Schefft:
Andrew Firestone Jen Schefft The Bachelorette clippings:
Ok, so this one isn't related to the show, but came up in a search for the show--might make a nice lovely parting give when they get booted without a rose--LOL! :

BITCH MINTS Bachelorette Party Favors (LOT 12) gag NIB
Interesting DeAnna Bachelor News:

He hasn't been given the boot yet, but Chef Robert has a website, called The Guy's Guide in which he tries to teach guys how to fake it like a pro :) HA! Here it is:

I watched a few of these videos and Robert actually makes a pretty good looking chicken and pasta dish. He keeps it simple for the guys using a lot of store bought ready to go items, these are definitely quick cook meals. There was a recipe for the crab cocktail he made for DeAnna on the first show, but the link to it is no longer working...hmm....

Until late tonight...


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