Friday, May 30, 2008

Bachelor Rose Ceremony Prize Bag at eBay: Ends Sunday June 1st

(UPDATE: Didn't meet reserve. Maybe this is just a keeper after all:) All right guys & gals, I'm going to be sitting around in my "Your Boyfriend Wants Me" T-shirt, Wearing my Peroni Italy Glasses, Framing my expired tea coupons, and Spraying everyone around me with my handy Spray Tanner While Typing Up Tonight's Snarky Blog. Woohoo!)

Fans of ABC's The Bachelor or The Bachelorette are probably familiar with the Rose Ceremony Game that viewers can play each week in order to win weekly prizes and a grand prize. This bag is one of the weekly prizes that I won during The Bachelor: Rome featuring Prince Lorenzo Borghese. Each of the 25 bachelorettes that vied for his hand in marriage received one of these bags with lots of things to pamper and pretty themselves up with ;) This season took place fall of 2006.

I was notified by ABC around Feb. '07 that I had won the bag and received it shortly thereafter. I opened it up, took the photos seen here in this listing and then packed it all back up and it has not been opened since. Nothing has been used. I listed it once before but reserve was not met. This time around, let's hope a fan can enjoy it!

The gift bag contains a lot of pampering type products--bath and body, makeup and the like. The learn Italian kit was funny as I recalled Lorenzo didn't even speak much Italian! The clothes were silly--the shirt that said "Your Boyfriend Wants Me" was too funny! The self tanning kit with the airbrush machine (which looks like a hair dryer) was too hilarious too, I can just see myself doing this...or not;)

I sure wanted to try Gold Peak tea, but the coupons were expired!

And the 2 sharpie pens were funny--they didn't seem to fit the overall theme, but?! Maybe the bachelorettes sat around marking up photos and head shots of the girls they couldn't stand on off-date days!

The box included a letter from ABC and their marketing dept. about the prize and its value at $1340.28 !! My reserve on this auction is a mere 250.00.

Opening the box I found a large black bag--huge duffle bag from The Bag Factory. (See pics above) In most of the compartments were the following items:

--Tantalizer, body bronzing luminizer--2 of these--5.70 oz
--Soothe Your Soles, cleansing towlettes for your feet--5 of these
--Lotus lip balm, ginger lime coconut scent
--The Book of Questions Love & Sex by Gregory Stock, PHD
--Journal by Gold Peak
--Angelfish Designs, a piece of jewelry and note to congratulate a Bachelorette, with bikini jewelry made just for the Bachelor Rome--a "Ring Around the Rose" charm

--Smart Mouth, 24-hr fresh breath system--mint flavor, 2 bottles, 2 pump mouthwash
--Parissa, quick and easy wax strips for face/bikini, 8 2 sided strips. (OUCH!)
--Tantowl gift set of moisturizer (2 oz), 2 styles of self tan towlettes, moisturizer mist (2 oz)
--Back to Basics, pomegranate shower gel, 10 oz
--Tainted Love, body wash, says "Eager is my middle name!" 2 of these, 8.5 oz each
--Juvena of Switzerland renewing mask, 2.5 oz
--Marlies Moller, shiny hair spray, 4.2 oz
--Bag of Joey NY (pink/black) with lip gloss, CinnaMen "He's Into You"
--As Seen on TV--Finishing Touch Lumina Lighted Hair Removal (razor)
--Veet, hair removal cream, 5.1 oz

--Lotus, green tea pomegranate body balm, 1.6 oz
--Hard & Healthy Sun Shield, nail uv non-yellowing topcoat, .45 oz
--Maybelline Great Lash, blackest black
--Revlon fake eyelashes, "flirty style"
--2-in-1 toothbrush and floss by Dr. Fresh
--Yves Rocher Parfum, Voile D'Ambre Eau de Parfum--2 of these, 1.7 oz
--Heat Response thermal protection conditioner, Graham Webb, 11 oz
--3 expired coupons for Gold Peak tea
--Packaged set of Learning Italian books--Ciao Bella!
--T-Shirt tied up with red bow with a best wishes Bachelorette card. T-Shirt reads: "Don't Be Mean", One Size
--White tank top from Pink Cookies, design on front says "Love in Italy" and features a girl in a bikini, size Large
--Fred Flare item--a dress or a swimsuit cover, size Medium
--Physician Endorsed, reversible pink/flowered hat and sample of sunscreen along with a UV meter and anti-aging sun tips
--As Seen on TV, Airbrush Tanning at Home Salon Bronze kit
--Nailtini, nail lacquer, Vernis A Ongles, .50 oz
--Kathy Smith DVD, exercise--lift weights to lose weight, two 20 minute workouts
--CD of Raul Malo songs titled "You're Only Lonely"
--2 mini sharpie pens (!? I wonder if an ABC intern lost some sharpies!)
--Celsius, an energy drink in bottle, lemon lime flavor, 12 oz
--Bag of Millstone coffee with a good luck Bachelorette banner
--Peroni Italy bag
--Peroni Italy sunglasses
--Tainted Love--bar of soap, says "Mistakes were made.."
--Fred Flare, blue/white tank top with cute buttons--star, nautical, red heart, size Medium
--Mary Phillips Designs, pink tee, One Size, says: "Your Boyfriend Wants Me."
--Hype brand totebag, includes a thong underwear piece and a necklace with an "H" in rhinestones
--As Seen on TV--Luma Tweeze, lighted tweezers w/ no-slip tips
--Set Good Hair for Bad Girls--Bad Hair Survival Kit by Steve Lococo, with texture, shine spray, anti-frizz smoothing glaze, firm hold shaping spray bag
--Dreamtime inner peace eye pillow
--Bling Buds--pink rhinestone on the ear buds, to add "sparkle to your music"
--Alba Hawaiian kit--hairwash, conditioner, body wash, facial cleaner, moisture cream, body cream all in scents including papaya, passion fruit, jasmine, pineapple, honeydew and mango
--Dr. Fresh light up toothbrush
--Shut-Eye shade
--Airborne, dietary supplements
--Supersmile, whiter teeth solution
--Kiss My Face, face factor, moisturizer, 2 oz

Lots of fun for the Bachelor/Bachelorette Fan!


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