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Bachelor Rose Ceremony Prize Bag at eBay: Ends Sunday June 1st

(UPDATE: Didn't meet reserve. Maybe this is just a keeper after all:) All right guys & gals, I'm going to be sitting around in my "Your Boyfriend Wants Me" T-shirt, Wearing my Peroni Italy Glasses, Framing my expired tea coupons, and Spraying everyone around me with my handy Spray Tanner While Typing Up Tonight's Snarky Blog. Woohoo!)

Fans of ABC's The Bachelor or The Bachelorette are probably familiar with the Rose Ceremony Game that viewers can play each week in order to win weekly prizes and a grand prize. This bag is one of the weekly prizes that I won during The Bachelor: Rome featuring Prince Lorenzo Borghese. Each of the 25 bachelorettes that vied for his hand in marriage received one of these bags with lots of things to pamper and pretty themselves up with ;) This season took place fall of 2006.

I was notified by ABC around Feb. '07 that I had won the bag and received it shortly thereafter. I opened it up, took the photos seen here in this listing and then packed it all back up and it has not been opened since. Nothing has been used. I listed it once before but reserve was not met. This time around, let's hope a fan can enjoy it!

The gift bag contains a lot of pampering type products--bath and body, makeup and the like. The learn Italian kit was funny as I recalled Lorenzo didn't even speak much Italian! The clothes were silly--the shirt that said "Your Boyfriend Wants Me" was too funny! The self tanning kit with the airbrush machine (which looks like a hair dryer) was too hilarious too, I can just see myself doing this...or not;)

I sure wanted to try Gold Peak tea, but the coupons were expired!

And the 2 sharpie pens were funny--they didn't seem to fit the overall theme, but?! Maybe the bachelorettes sat around marking up photos and head shots of the girls they couldn't stand on off-date days!

The box included a letter from ABC and their marketing dept. about the prize and its value at $1340.28 !! My reserve on this auction is a mere 250.00.

Opening the box I found a large black bag--huge duffle bag from The Bag Factory. (See pics above) In most of the compartments were the following items:

--Tantalizer, body bronzing luminizer--2 of these--5.70 oz
--Soothe Your Soles, cleansing towlettes for your feet--5 of these
--Lotus lip balm, ginger lime coconut scent
--The Book of Questions Love & Sex by Gregory Stock, PHD
--Journal by Gold Peak
--Angelfish Designs, a piece of jewelry and note to congratulate a Bachelorette, with bikini jewelry made just for the Bachelor Rome--a "Ring Around the Rose" charm

--Smart Mouth, 24-hr fresh breath system--mint flavor, 2 bottles, 2 pump mouthwash
--Parissa, quick and easy wax strips for face/bikini, 8 2 sided strips. (OUCH!)
--Tantowl gift set of moisturizer (2 oz), 2 styles of self tan towlettes, moisturizer mist (2 oz)
--Back to Basics, pomegranate shower gel, 10 oz
--Tainted Love, body wash, says "Eager is my middle name!" 2 of these, 8.5 oz each
--Juvena of Switzerland renewing mask, 2.5 oz
--Marlies Moller, shiny hair spray, 4.2 oz
--Bag of Joey NY (pink/black) with lip gloss, CinnaMen "He's Into You"
--As Seen on TV--Finishing Touch Lumina Lighted Hair Removal (razor)
--Veet, hair removal cream, 5.1 oz

--Lotus, green tea pomegranate body balm, 1.6 oz
--Hard & Healthy Sun Shield, nail uv non-yellowing topcoat, .45 oz
--Maybelline Great Lash, blackest black
--Revlon fake eyelashes, "flirty style"
--2-in-1 toothbrush and floss by Dr. Fresh
--Yves Rocher Parfum, Voile D'Ambre Eau de Parfum--2 of these, 1.7 oz
--Heat Response thermal protection conditioner, Graham Webb, 11 oz
--3 expired coupons for Gold Peak tea
--Packaged set of Learning Italian books--Ciao Bella!
--T-Shirt tied up with red bow with a best wishes Bachelorette card. T-Shirt reads: "Don't Be Mean", One Size
--White tank top from Pink Cookies, design on front says "Love in Italy" and features a girl in a bikini, size Large
--Fred Flare item--a dress or a swimsuit cover, size Medium
--Physician Endorsed, reversible pink/flowered hat and sample of sunscreen along with a UV meter and anti-aging sun tips
--As Seen on TV, Airbrush Tanning at Home Salon Bronze kit
--Nailtini, nail lacquer, Vernis A Ongles, .50 oz
--Kathy Smith DVD, exercise--lift weights to lose weight, two 20 minute workouts
--CD of Raul Malo songs titled "You're Only Lonely"
--2 mini sharpie pens (!? I wonder if an ABC intern lost some sharpies!)
--Celsius, an energy drink in bottle, lemon lime flavor, 12 oz
--Bag of Millstone coffee with a good luck Bachelorette banner
--Peroni Italy bag
--Peroni Italy sunglasses
--Tainted Love--bar of soap, says "Mistakes were made.."
--Fred Flare, blue/white tank top with cute buttons--star, nautical, red heart, size Medium
--Mary Phillips Designs, pink tee, One Size, says: "Your Boyfriend Wants Me."
--Hype brand totebag, includes a thong underwear piece and a necklace with an "H" in rhinestones
--As Seen on TV--Luma Tweeze, lighted tweezers w/ no-slip tips
--Set Good Hair for Bad Girls--Bad Hair Survival Kit by Steve Lococo, with texture, shine spray, anti-frizz smoothing glaze, firm hold shaping spray bag
--Dreamtime inner peace eye pillow
--Bling Buds--pink rhinestone on the ear buds, to add "sparkle to your music"
--Alba Hawaiian kit--hairwash, conditioner, body wash, facial cleaner, moisture cream, body cream all in scents including papaya, passion fruit, jasmine, pineapple, honeydew and mango
--Dr. Fresh light up toothbrush
--Shut-Eye shade
--Airborne, dietary supplements
--Supersmile, whiter teeth solution
--Kiss My Face, face factor, moisturizer, 2 oz

Lots of fun for the Bachelor/Bachelorette Fan!


Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Bachelorette Fans vs. Favorites: Who Would You Pick!?

What if the Bachelor/Bachelorette did a Fans vs. Favorites type theme like Survivor recently did! Where 12 or 13 of the 25 men or women were favorites from past shows and the rest were fans of the show? Including Bachelors or Bachelorettes who are single now (most of them!). And perhaps they pick the Bachelor or the Bachelorette from a group of fans, so it's not a celeb or a famous person or a past show person. Would be interesting.

Who would you choose to come back as the favorites? Use the comments section to add your thoughts...

I can't remember all the guys from previous Bachelorette installments, especially the ones that were cut the first night or early. But I did come up with this list of 13--we'll just pretend some of these aren't spoken for/taken:

Trista's Season:


Meredith's Season:

Matthew, Lanny

Jen's Season:

Jerry, John Paul, Ben

DeAnna's Season: (Based on who we know is going home from caps...)

Graham, Jeremy, Fred, Chandler (gotta have more duck calls for excitement!), Richard, Sean

Previous Bachelors:



Tuesday, May 27, 2008

You Can't Fit A Square In A Circle. Can't! & Other Thoughts...

Another episode, more roses, three shattered egos. And one pissed off Chris. Not Harrison. That other guy who can’t bat. Some highlights of our second gem of a show:

Shocking Revelations:

Did any of you know that Eric was Greek?! I was shocked, I had no idea! I just thought he really liked that movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding. And I was further perplexed when I found out his brother was ALSO Greek! What are the chances of that? Two Greek people in the same family?! What are they going to throw at us next people?! This is just too, too much!

Baseball is not Chef Robert’s forte. What is his forte? The kitchen, the dance floor, and the bedroom. But not necessarily in that order...

Tommy Lasorda is a relationship guru!

Ron wants to have a herd of kids! That’s like 3 kids. Or a couple. Depends on what kind of herd you’re talking about.

A Conversation with Sean vs. The Psycho Piano

Piano: 20
Sean: 0

Martial arts...strain on relationships...start up business...that’s psycho’s making fun of I’m almost...The End.

Da Bears Fred’s Walk of Shame

So Fred has dubbed the walk from DeAnna’s mansion to the guys’ bunkhouse the “walk of shame.” There are at least 20 other “shamefully” fun things we saw and learned from this episode:

1. The men are sleeping on little boy western theme sheets from Pottery Barn Kids.
2. Robert has sworn off showers.
3. Ron’s jealousy.
4. Ryan’s breaking his sacred vow of no cussing when calling Jeremy a D#@K.
5. DeAnna admitting she would drink salsa right out of the bowl.
6. Sean being harassed by a psycho piano.
7. Twilley holds the Magic Castle gang hostage with his Greek tragedy play for like 10 Hours!
8. Ryan’s one-on-one time with the white dove.
9. Graham’s kite flying skills–entertaining!
10. Jason encouraging Twilley to go show DeAnna his “other side.”
11. Chris butchering the National Anthem. Ron fracturing it.
12. Graham’s kiss and tell.
13. Drinking wine with hot dogs. At Dodger Stadium. As Fred would say, “Where’s Da Beers?!”
14. When Jesse threw his bat after seeing DeAnna and Jeremy’s 1-on-1 time.
15. Jesse rebounds with 98 pushups to win 1-on-1 time with DeAnna.
16. That DeAnna doesn’t have a case of the “Twilleys” coming on. Oh boy...
17. Oh yes. Jason uttered the words, “Holy Cow!”
18. There’s no in baseball Chris and Robert!
19. You’re the 7th guy to bat. You need 7 home runs to win. And DeAnna’s lucky number is 7. Translation in a Fleissian World: You’re gonna choke! Chris goes down in flames, cussing all the way home.
20. Baseball is obviously not Eric’s sport. But soccer is–you know–since he’s from Greece!

Tommy Lasorda’s Relationship Advice to DeAnna

Use your intuition. Be a visionary. Become one with your crystal ball!

Most Distracting Accessories/Features:

--DeAnna’s fake? eyelashes–could this be the cause of the incessant blinking?
--Ryan’s virginal lily white headband is practically blinding
--Graham’s 2 sizes too big shorts
--Sean’s hairdo
--Jesse’s “Hello, My Name is Jesse” T-Shirt
--Twilley’s facial expressions

Roll out the Red Carpet & Break Out the Awards:

--The most times caught on camera with their mouth hanging open: Ryan
--Most antagonistic: Ryan
--Most arrogant and self-serving: Ryan
--The smuggest guy who thought he was getting a rose: Ryan
--But He's The Nicest guy DeAnna will ever meet: Ryan
--And Happens to be the Friendliest Guy in 8th Grade: You guessed it, Ryan!

Woohoo, go Ryan! Right on out the door. Without a rose. Oops.

The Quotable (Or Not) Bachelor:

--He’s about to be rosed, gentlemen. –Robert
--You can’t fit a square in a circle. Can’t! –Ryan
--You’re up a creek without a paddle, man. –Robert

One of the most Embarrassing moments in Bachelor/ette History:

Chris singing the National Anthem off key?! Wait, are you sure about that Chris Harrison?! Surely the most embarrassing moment was that time Trish crashed Jesse Palmer’s date with what’s her name and tried to get him back. Or maybe the time Stacy put her panties in Matt’s pocket. Or maybe the personal interview with Jen Schefft being thrown under the bus talking about Ryan’s family and his mother’s incessant discussion of THAILAND this or THAILAND that. Or maybe seeing Fabrice eat Jen Schefft’s face while she starts to frantically SOS the cameraman. Or the whole season of Jen Schefft as Bachelorette. Surely there are plenty more doozies than being a bad and forgetful singer! Folks, send me some comments .What do you think was the most embarrassing moment in Bachelor/ette history!?

The Scariest Moment in Bachelor/ette History:

Stand back everyone, Chris Harrison has a knife! Oh wait, he’s just delicately clinking his champagne glass to signal that it’s time for the rose ceremony. Everyone back to your places. No worries.

DeAnna’s Crystal Ball Preview Cliffhangers:

--Ron calls out Jeremy. Again!
--DeAnna gets hurt. Or is she faking it?!
--Jason spills about his son Ty.
--And the most shocking rose ceremony ever! OK, so that wasn’t in the previews, but it’s bound to come up sooner or later!

Final Thoughts: Things to Ponder:

What are the “Twilleys”?

Has anyone else ever drank wine with hot dogs?

Did DeAnna seem a bit nervous around Jeremy after getting a hard time from the guys about giving him another rose?

Did Graham seem a bit aloof on his and DeAnna’s date, perhaps foreshadowing his exit at final 4?!

We never got to see the treat that Jesse and Jeremy had for DeAnna after her date at the Magic Castle...

How many times do you think we’re going to get a shot of the guys busting through the gate leading to/from the Mansion to the Bunkhouse on the walk of shame!? Expertly played in slow motion along with Greg’s favorite coyote howl/slap that whip Western music?!

Do you think we'll get to see a toga party with the guys wrapped up in their little boy western motif sheets?!

Bachelorette Activity #2: Separated at Birth?:

Random chat on the boards/blogs has led me to this little visual montage. Perhaps they were separated at birth or are sixth cousins twice removed:

Until next week...


***Cap of Ryan from Dreamer at Jokers, thanks!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Juicy Bachelor/ette News & Auctions

Just a few juicy tidbits to get you by until our next recap! Can't wait. Looks like the next episode airing later tonight will involve baseball, a little magic, and a rooftop romance--or not! Stay tuned...

DeAnna was on Ellen today and they showed a clip of Graham and DeAnna having a duh moment while trying to fly a kite. DeAnna came out to "It's Raining Men". Interestingly her answers about whether she is in love or engaged were "I don't know," "Watch and see," "Don't know yet," "I'm very happy with the way the show ended." Is this some kind of code!? She did say it was hard and she had a newfound respect for Brad and all the past Bachelors/Bachelorettes. Then she said she'd tell Ellen backstage and then Ellen said she'd tell y'all aka the audience. One tip from DeAnna--living with three of the guys each week, it's important to see what a man is like first thing in the morning, especially if you're going to live 50+ years with them.

There was a funny clip of the guys in their Ellen boxers, dancing for Ellen and Ellen handing out a rose with cheesy rose ceremony music playing from her boombox. Ellen said she liked Jason and said he should be the next Bachelor. Hmm...

Interesting Auction Finds:

I read at Jokers about Chelsea from Bachelor Matt Grant's show, selling her rose ceremony dress at eBay. Bad memories and all. Bummer. Yeah right...So I checked it out, here's a link:

What, are you kidding me, no takers!? :) LOL! The front slit is ;)

I have also listed my rose ceremony prize bag that I won from Prince Lorenzo's season: The Bachelor Rome! Woohoo, some crazy and kooky stuff in this bag, and some pretty neat bath/body/make up products! Check it out:

BACHELOR ROME TV Rose Ceremony Prize Bag Complete RARE:
(See what the girls get in their bags!)

So then I thought it would be interesting to sleuth around eBay and see what kind of priceless Bachelor/ette related items there might be up for grabs! Perhaps Stacy's panties or maybe the necklace Oyster farmer Luke tried to give DeAnna which she removed before the Rose Ceremony. Maybe one of the little utensils that Chris Harrison so lovingly clinks against his Champagne glass before each Rose Ceremony...You just never know...Nothing thrilling, but some interesting memorabilia nonetheless:

Bachelor, The (TV) MP A TV Poster Chris Harrison:
Bachelor, The (TV) MP A Poster Chris Harrison (First Bachelor Alex):
THE BACHELOR - lot of 4 items (Bachelor Blob:)
The Bachelorette 2004 TV MP POSTER Jen Schefft:
Andrew Firestone Jen Schefft The Bachelorette clippings:
Ok, so this one isn't related to the show, but came up in a search for the show--might make a nice lovely parting give when they get booted without a rose--LOL! :

BITCH MINTS Bachelorette Party Favors (LOT 12) gag NIB
Interesting DeAnna Bachelor News:

He hasn't been given the boot yet, but Chef Robert has a website, called The Guy's Guide in which he tries to teach guys how to fake it like a pro :) HA! Here it is:

I watched a few of these videos and Robert actually makes a pretty good looking chicken and pasta dish. He keeps it simple for the guys using a lot of store bought ready to go items, these are definitely quick cook meals. There was a recipe for the crab cocktail he made for DeAnna on the first show, but the link to it is no longer working...hmm....

Until late tonight...


Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Morning After Thoughts & Other Things to Ponder...

Things That Make You Go Hmmm...

Some things I just can't seem to stop wondering about in reflection on our little gem of a first show!

What's up with having DeAnna live in the same house Brad lived in!? Thanks for the memories Chris Harrison! And way to save a buck or two ABC!

Mathew Lesko is Calling Jesse, he wants his jacket back!

What's the real story behind Ron's missing coat?

Did anyone notice that Donato's suit was like a mini-me version of Ryan's!?

Did DeAnna's constant stepping on her dress and holding it up bother anyone else?! I just wanted to yell cut and go to town with a pair of shears! Bad costume wrangler!

The Quotable (Or Not) Bachelor/ette:

I was afraid you could see it moving in my suit! --Squinty Spero

I wouldn't say I'm a master of seduction, but uh, I'm definitely working on my degree. --Whip it Up Robert

I'm diggin' on that man. --Duck Duck Goose Chandler

I just want a freakin' rose! --Sweaty Abs Brian W. (IN)

Dude, some 1-on-1 action! --Like Totally Jesse

It's like blood in shark-infested waters. (Gulp) --Virgin Blanket Hogger Ryan

You gave DeAnna a pearl necklace and he gave her crabs! --Lap Dance Donato

I would normally not go kicking lemons off people's heads! --HiYA! Sean

When I wake up, I'm going to kick you in the nuts 5 times! --Lemonhead Jesse

I will go through the fire. I can take the suffering. Howwwwwoooooooooooooooollll!!! --Cuy-Otey Greg

Let's have a rumble maaan! --Stalker Twilley

My name is on the back of this boy's booty! --Spitfire DeAnna

Bachelorette Activity #1
Whip Up A Batch of Your Own Seductive Crab Cocktail:

While I couldn't find Chef Robert's recipe online using crab, champagne, butter, garlic, green onion, paprika, with a little imagination you could probably attempt this at home kiddies:) But here's a Bobby Flay recipe you might try whipping up:

Dungeness Crab Cocktail
  • 1 can (13 1/2 ounces) unsweetened coconut milk
  • 1/4 cup fresh lime juice
  • 2 tablespoons habanero hot sauce
  • Kosher salt and freshly ground pepper
  • 1 1/2 pounds lump crabmeat, picked over
  • 1/4 cup chopped cilantro
  • One 7-ounce bag plantain chips or tortilla chips
  1. In a bowl, whisk the coconut milk, lime juice and hot sauce and season with salt and pepper. Gently fold in the crabmeat. Let stand for 15 minutes.
  2. Using a slotted spoon, transfer the crabmeat to shallow bowls and garnish with the cilantro. Serve the chips on the side.
Funny Screen Cap Moment: A Page From Jenni's Journal:

All pondering aside, until next week...


Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Would You Like to Give My Kazoo A Whirl & Other Thoughts...

Oh boy, it’s that time again! Monday night eye candy a la The Bachelorette! Thanks to ABC for bringing us this gem! I thought it would be fun to highlight (rather than recap) some tongue-in-cheek memories and "tips" from Bachelorette DeAhhhna’s whirlwind fairytale as it unfolds each week. For full recaps here are two other blogs that have been around for quite some time: Reality Steve and Lincee:

And share your funny and snarky thoughts with the guys and gals at Jokers--screencaps in this blog are from Dreamer at Jokers, thanks! And Sleuth with the sleuthers at the FORT:

Poor DeAnna was dumped by Brad in a past season of The Bachelor, now it's her turn to choose! On Monday's show we were introduced to these AMAZING gentlemen: I'm Here for the Right Reasons Brian (Texas), Sweaty Abs Brian (Indiana), Working the Hair Jon, Cheater Pumpkin Eater Chris, I Don't Cuss But I'm Seen in Future Previews Cussing Ryan, Wolfman Greg, Chef of Seduction Robert, Cutie Pie Jason, Booty Shorts Paul, Kazoo Duckie Chandler, Oyster Farmer Luke, Da Bears Fred, Karate Kid Sean, Freaky Jesse, Bada Bing Donato, Sexy Jeremy, Sweet Southern Graham, Silly Twilley, Giant Patrick D. , Wallflower Patrick C., Crazy Glasses Spero, Science Dork Hunk Richard, Who is That Again Jeffrey, Divorcee Ron, and My Big Fat Greek Eric.

The Handy Bachelor Dating Guide

If you just happen to be competing for an AMAZING woman with 24 other AMAZING guys, you might find these things come in handy:

Choice Words for the Lovely Lady:

Don’t stutter. Impress her with your vocabulary skills when meeting her! If you’re stumped, remember these: Amazing! Beautiful! Sparkly! A Vision! Bling Bling!

How to Impress a Woman:

Give her a twirl! Better yet, let her give you a twirl! Because there’s nothing more manly than a girl giving a guy a twirl!

Button your jacket awkwardly–while saving face with a big cute smile!

Offer to share campfire stories!

Speak Greek. (Works best with Greek women)

Dress Freaky–it’s the thought that counts!

Reveal your imaginary friend’s nickname, for a little added spice!

When she’s overwhelmed, offer to rescue her with a spiffy wink and hug signal.

Telling her a secret in a language she doesn’t know will lend an air of mystery to oneself.

Show off your swanky dance moves.

Don’t let a couch get between you and your woman, climb that mountain!

Know when to be man enough to put down your kazoo!

How Not to Impress a Woman:

Wear eerie dark glasses that make you look like a serial squinter.

Spend an hour adjusting your suit in slow motion before introducing yourself.

When invited to twirl her, twirl yourself and then scamper off quickly.

Offer to teach her math!

When asked to tell her something funny, say with a straight face, “You look great!”

Attempt an awkward salsa maneuver.

Strike a pose, dart a brooding yet suspicious glance off into the distance before first approaching her. (You can always claim later that you spotted a duck in the foliage and wanted to whip out your handy duck calling kazoo!)

Tell her she looks like she’s been working out!

Ask her friend to sit on your lap!

Rip her arm out of its socket while forcing her to grope your sweaty “abs of steel!”

Ask her to give your kazoo a whirl...

Hog a blanket when it’s chilly outside.

Admit you’re a cheater.

Play with another man’s kazoo.

Stunts That Grab Her Attention:

Give her crabs! A crab cocktail you’ve just expertly whipped up, that is, you master of seduction you!

Perform the “Robinhood” and annihilate a lemon off your buddy’s head. Weird, yes, but it will get you noticed!

Pool Stripping and Booty Name Bling!

Stunts That Just Plain Stink:

Duck calling. Period.

Dress For Success:

Speedo with your soon-to-be woman’s name on the back
Stand out from the crowd by going jacketless.
Match your tie to your eye color!
Show her you’re not afraid to wear pastels!

Dress Mess:

A kazoo is not a smart accessory in any setting
Disturbingly Dorky glasses
Ill-fitting suits
A “whoa that’s one too many hits from the bedazzler” sparkly jacket
Donald Trump is calling, he wants his hair back!

Act Appreciative:

If she gives you a rose, a simple yes just doesn’t cut it. Give her a rousing “Heck yeah!”

Some Lovely Parting Words:

And last but not least, parting wisdom from Wolfman Greg for all the guys out there. If you get the boot, get fired up! When the chips are down, never frown, let your mind be sound. Rise from the ashes and dust yourself off. Be one with the fire, don’t expire! Or something like that. And if that isn’t the cherry on top, you can always rip your shirt off and release your inner wolfman while displaying your glorious bevy of chest acne and tats. Woohoo! You might just attract a coyote or two!

Until Next Week...